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How do students use LanguageMate?

Immerse students in syllabus-tailored conversations that drive engagement and deepen understanding, meticulously monitor student progress, and offer tailored feedback with unparalleled ease. Elevate your teaching capabilities and witness student satisfaction and language proficiency soar to new heights!

In the classroom

In the classroom

As homework

As homework

With a tutor

With a tutor

With family

With family

With friends

With friends

To chat anxiety free

To chat anxiety free

How do Language schools use LanguageMate?

For higher student engagement and satisfaction

pie chart of ai usage in language learning
24%of educational institutions have already started using AI or are already in the process of piloting it.
39%of educational institutions are considering the usage of AI but have not yet taken an action.
37%of educational institutions have not started using AI and have not yet considered it.

For a competitive advantage in the language learning space

pie chart of ai usage in language learning

Our benefits

Course demand

students are seeking language schools that are using cutting-edge technology to maximise their learning outcomes.

Increased course value

students can practise effectively between classes, which leads to better student outcomes and ultimately a higher perceived course value.

24/7 availability

students can practise their target language between lessons at their convenience leading to higher levels of fluency.

Reduced teacher workload

students can improve their fluency without increasing teacher workload

Immediate feedback

students will be alerted to mistakes they are making to ensure they do not create bad language habits without requiring teacher input.

Referrals & student retention

students are likely to refer new students and enrol in further courses, which reduces acquisition costs and increases lifetime customer value.

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