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The German noun 'Fuß' means 'foot' in English.

Part of speech





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Meaning: foot

Ich habe mir den Fuß verstaucht.

I sprained my foot.

Meaning: base

Die Statue steht auf einem steinernen Fuß.

The statue stands on a stone base.

Meaning: leg

Der Tisch hat vier Füße.

The table has four legs.

Meaning: pedal

Drücke das Gaspedal mit dem Fuß.

Press the accelerator pedal with your foot.

Meaning: bottom

Der Ball rollte bis zum Fuß des Hügels.

The ball rolled to the bottom of the hill.


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A1: Ich habe einen Fußball.

A1: I have a football.

A1: Mein Fuß tut weh.

A1: My foot hurts.

A1: Er hat große Füße.

A1: He has big feet.

B1: Ich trage bequeme Schuhe, um meine Füße zu schonen.

B1: I wear comfortable shoes to protect my feet.

B1: Sie ist gestolpert und hat sich den Fuß verstaucht.

B1: She stumbled and sprained her foot.

B2: Nach dem langen Spaziergang hatte er schmerzende Füße.

B2: After the long walk, he had sore feet.

C1: Der Fußballspieler schoss den Ball ins Tor und jubelte.

C1: The soccer player kicked the ball into the goal and celebrated.

C1: Die Tänzerin bewegte ihre Füße elegant zur Musik.

C1: The dancer moved her feet gracefully to the music.

C2: Der Marathonläufer zog sich eine Verletzung am Fuß zu und konnte das Rennen nicht beenden.

C2: The marathon runner suffered an injury to his foot and couldn't finish the race.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In the German language, the word 'Fuß' is used to refer to the anatomical structure that supports the weight of a person and allows them to walk or run. It is an essential part of the human body and plays a crucial role in mobility and balance.

The word 'Fuß' is also commonly used in various idiomatic expressions and phrases in the German language. For example, 'auf großem Fuß leben' translates to 'to live on a grand scale' in English, while 'jemandem auf den Fuß treten' means 'to step on someone's toes'. These idioms add depth and richness to the German language.

Furthermore, 'Fuß' is an important term in sports and athletics. In soccer, for instance, players use their feet to control and kick the ball. The German national team, known as Die Mannschaft, has achieved great success on the international stage with their skilled footwork.

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