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Meaning: size

Die Größe des Hauses ist beeindruckend.

The size of the house is impressive.

Meaning: magnitude

Die Größe der Aufgabe ist enorm.

The magnitude of the task is enormous.

Meaning: height

Die Größe des Turms beträgt 100 Meter.

The height of the tower is 100 meters.

Meaning: greatness

Er hat eine innere Größe, die bewundernswert ist.

He has an inner greatness that is admirable.

Meaning: dimension

Die Größe des Raumes ermöglicht viele Möglichkeiten.

The dimension of the room allows for many possibilities.


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A1: Die Größe des Hauses beträgt 100 Quadratmeter.

The size of the house is 100 square meters.

A1: Welche Größe hast du?

What size are you?

A1: Ich trage die Größe M.

I wear size M.

B1: Die Größe des Projekts hat sich verdoppelt.

The size of the project has doubled.

B1: Die Größe der Datei ist zu groß, um sie per E-Mail zu senden.

The size of the file is too big to send it by email.

B1: Er hat die Größe seiner Schuhe falsch eingeschätzt und sie sind ihm zu klein.

He underestimated the size of his shoes and they are too small for him.

C1: Die Größe des Universums ist schwer vorstellbar.

The size of the universe is hard to imagine.

C1: Die Größe des Problems erfordert eine umfassende Lösung.

The magnitude of the problem requires a comprehensive solution.

C1: Die Größe ihrer Leistungen ist beeindruckend.

The extent of their achievements is impressive.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Größe' refers to the concept of size or magnitude. It can be used to describe the physical dimensions of an object, such as its length, width, or height. Additionally, it can also refer to the extent or scale of something, whether it's a numerical value or a qualitative assessment.

In everyday language, 'Größe' is commonly used to discuss clothing sizes, shoe sizes, or measurements for furniture and other objects. It can also be used in scientific or mathematical contexts to describe quantities, distances, or dimensions.

Furthermore, 'Größe' can also be used metaphorically to describe the importance, significance, or impact of something. For example, one might say that someone has a 'große Größe' (great importance) in a particular field or that an event had a 'große Größe' (significant impact) on society.

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