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Meaning: hill

Der Wanderweg führt über den Hügel.

The hiking trail leads over the hill.

Meaning: mound

Die Kinder bauten einen Sandhügel am Strand.

The children built a sand mound at the beach.

Meaning: tumulus

In der Nähe des Dorfes befindet sich ein alter Hügelgrab.

There is an ancient tumulus near the village.

Meaning: knoll

Auf dem grünen Feld wächst eine kleine Blumenhügel.

A small flower knoll grows on the green field.

Meaning: hillock

Die Schafe weiden auf dem sanften Hügel.

The sheep graze on the gentle hillock.


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A1: Der Hügel ist grün.

The hill is green.

A1: Wir gehen auf den Hügel.

We are going up the hill.

A2: Die Kinder rollen den Ball den Hügel hinunter.

The children roll the ball down the hill.

B1: Gestern sind wir auf den Hügel gewandert.

Yesterday we hiked up the hill.

B1: Im Sommer werde ich den Hügel erklimmen.

In summer, I will climb the hill.

B2: Als ich klein war, bin ich oft den Hügel heruntergerutscht.

When I was little, I often slid down the hill.

C1: Der Hügel erhebt sich majestätisch über das Tal.

The hill rises majestically above the valley.

C1: Die Wanderer folgten dem Pfad, der um den Hügel herumführte.

The hikers followed the path that led around the hill.

C2: Nachdem sie den Gipfel des Hügels erreicht hatten, genossen sie die atemberaubende Aussicht.

After reaching the summit of the hill, they enjoyed the breathtaking view.

Advanced Description

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The German noun 'Hügel' translates to 'hill' in English. It refers to a natural landform that is elevated above the surrounding area, typically with a rounded or sloping shape.

Hills are common geographical features found all over the world. They can vary in size and height, ranging from small mounds to larger mountains. Hügel specifically describes smaller hills that are not as tall or steep as mountains.

Hills play an important role in shaping the landscape and can have various ecological and cultural significance. They often provide scenic views, serve as habitats for plants and animals, and may have historical or archaeological importance.

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