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Meaning: chick

Das Küken piept laut.

The chick is chirping loudly.

Meaning: duckling

Die Entenmutter führt ihre Küken zum Wasser.

The mother duck leads her ducklings to the water.

Meaning: fledgling

Das Küken hat gerade seine ersten Flugversuche unternommen.

The fledgling has just made its first attempts at flying.

Meaning: newcomer

Der junge Musiker ist ein aufstrebendes Küken in der Musikszene.

The young musician is an up-and-coming newcomer in the music scene.


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A1: Das Küken ist klein und gelb.

The chick is small and yellow.

A1: Die Kinder füttern die Küken im Zoo.

The children feed the chicks at the zoo.

A1: Die Henne brütet ihre Küken aus.

The hen hatches her chicks.

B1: Die Küken sind gerade geschlüpft.

The chicks have just hatched.

B1: Die Bauern züchten Küken für den Verkauf.

The farmers breed chicks for sale.

B1: Die Küken werden in einem Stall gehalten.

The chicks are kept in a barn.

C1: Die Küken haben sich zu Hühnern entwickelt.

The chicks have developed into chickens.

C1: Die Küken wurden von der Mutter getrennt und auf verschiedene Bauernhöfe verteilt.

The chicks were separated from their mother and distributed to different farms.

C1: Die Küken werden mit spezieller Nahrung aufgezogen, um ihr Wachstum zu fördern.

The chicks are raised with special food to promote their growth.

Advanced Description

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The German noun 'Küken' refers to a young bird, especially a baby chicken. It is the diminutive form of the word 'Kuh', which means 'chicken' in German.

In Germany, Küken are often associated with Easter and are commonly used as symbols of new life and rebirth. They are also popular as pets and are sometimes kept in backyard coops for their eggs or as a source of meat.

Küken can be found in various breeds and colors, including white, brown, and black. They are known for their fluffy feathers and small size, making them adorable and endearing creatures.

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