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Meaning: coast

Wir machen einen Ausflug an die Küste.

We are taking a trip to the coast.

Meaning: shore

Der Strand liegt direkt an der Küste.

The beach is right by the shore.

Meaning: seashore

Die Kinder spielen am liebsten am Sandstrand an der Küste.

The children prefer to play on the sandy beach by the seashore.

Meaning: coastline

Die deutsche Küste erstreckt sich entlang der Nord- und Ostsee.

The German coastline stretches along the North Sea and Baltic Sea.


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A1: Die Küste ist schön.

A1: The coast is beautiful.

A1: Wir gehen an die Küste.

A1: We are going to the coast.

A1: Ich mag Spaziergänge entlang der Küste.

A1: I like walks along the coast.

B1: Die Nordsee-Küste ist bei Touristen sehr beliebt.

B1: The North Sea coast is very popular with tourists.

B1: In den Sommermonaten wird die Küste von vielen Urlaubern besucht.

B1: During the summer months, the coast is visited by many vacationers.

B2: Die Fischer leben hauptsächlich an der Küste.

B2: The fishermen mainly live on the coast.

C1: Die Küstenregion hat eine reiche Tier- und Pflanzenwelt.

C1: The coastal region has a rich wildlife and flora.

C1: Der Sturm hat große Schäden an der Küste verursacht.

C1: The storm caused major damage to the coast.

C2: Die Küstenlinie erstreckt sich über mehrere Kilometer.

C2: The coastline extends over several kilometers.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The noun 'Küste' in German translates to 'coast' in English. It refers to the area where land meets the sea or ocean.

Germany has a coastline along the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, and these coastal areas are known as 'Küsten'. The German coastline offers diverse landscapes, including sandy beaches, cliffs, dunes, and picturesque coastal towns.

The 'Küste' is not only important for its natural beauty but also plays a significant role in tourism, fishing, and maritime activities. Many people visit the German coast to enjoy recreational activities such as swimming, sailing, and sunbathing.

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