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Meaning: lie (false statement)

Er erzählte eine Lüge.

He told a lie.

Meaning: lie (untruth)

Die Aussage war eine Lüge.

The statement was a lie.

Meaning: lie (fabrication)

Das Buch ist eine Lüge.

The book is a lie.

Meaning: lie (deception)

Sie lebte in einer Lüge.

She lived in a lie.

Meaning: lie (falsehood)

Seine Worte waren voller Lügen.

His words were full of lies.


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A1: Das ist eine Lüge.

A1: That is a lie.

A2: Er erzählt oft Lügen.

A2: He often tells lies.

A2: Sie hat die Lüge schnell erkannt.

A2: She quickly recognized the lie.

B1: Die Politikerin verbreitet falsche Lügen über ihren Gegner.

B1: The politician spreads false lies about her opponent.

B2: Ich habe gehört, dass er die ganze Zeit gelogen hat.

B2: I heard that he has been lying all the time.

B2: Der Verdächtige leugnete seine Beteiligung an dem Verbrechen.

B2: The suspect denied his involvement in the crime.

C1: Es ist schwer zu sagen, ob er die Wahrheit sagt oder lügt.

C1: It's hard to say whether he is telling the truth or lying.

C1: Die Zeugen wurden verhört, um mögliche Lügen aufzudecken.

C1: The witnesses were interrogated to uncover possible lies.

C2: Seine glaubwürdige Darstellung täuschte alle und verbarg die Lüge dahinter.

C2: His credible portrayal deceived everyone and concealed the lie behind it.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun "Lüge" translates to "lie" in English. It refers to a false statement or an intentionally deceptive act of conveying false information with the intention to deceive or mislead others.

In German culture, honesty and truthfulness are highly valued, and lying is generally considered unethical and morally wrong. Lying can damage trust and relationships, and it is often seen as a betrayal of someone's trust.

It is important to note that not all false statements are considered lies. In order for a statement to be classified as a lie, there must be an intention to deceive or mislead. The act of lying can have serious consequences in personal, professional, and social contexts.

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