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A Säge is a tool used for cutting wood or other materials, typically consisting of a blade with teeth that are set in a handle or frame and operated by hand or by electricity.

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Meaning: saw (tool)

Ich benutze die Säge, um Holz zu schneiden.

I use the saw to cut wood.

Meaning: saw (cutting action)

Die Säge bewegt sich auf und ab, um das Holz zu zersägen.

The saw moves up and down to saw the wood.

Meaning: saw (musical instrument)

Er spielt die Säge als Musikinstrument.

He plays the saw as a musical instrument.

Meaning: saw (teeth or notches)

Die Säge hat viele scharfe Zähne.

The saw has many sharp teeth.

Meaning: saw (past tense of see)

Ich sah gestern einen Film im Kino.

I saw a movie at the cinema yesterday.


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A1: Ich benutze eine Säge, um Holz zu schneiden.

A1: I use a saw to cut wood.

A1: Mein Vater hat eine elektrische Säge.

A1: My father has an electric saw.

A1: Kannst du mir bitte die Säge geben?

A1: Can you please give me the saw?

B1: Gestern habe ich mit einer Säge einen Baum gefällt.

B1: Yesterday, I cut down a tree with a saw.

B1: Wenn du die Säge nicht richtig hältst, kannst du dich verletzen.

B1: If you don't hold the saw properly, you can get injured.

B2: Nächste Woche werde ich eine neue Säge kaufen.

B2: Next week, I will buy a new saw.

C1: Die alte Säge war nicht mehr scharf genug, um das Metall zu schneiden.

C1: The old saw was not sharp enough to cut the metal.

C1: Er hat die Säge so geschickt geführt, dass er perfekte Schnitte machen konnte.

C1: He handled the saw so skillfully that he could make perfect cuts.

C2: Mit der elektrischen Säge kann man viel schneller arbeiten als mit einer Hand-Säge.

C2: With the electric saw, you can work much faster than with a hand saw.

Advanced Description

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The word Säge comes from the German verb 'sägen', which means to saw. A Säge is a common tool used in woodworking and construction industries. It can be powered by electricity or operated manually, depending on the type of saw and the intended use.

There are many different types of Sägen available, each designed for specific purposes. For example, a handsaw is a type of Säge that is operated manually and is commonly used for cutting wood. A chainsaw, on the other hand, is a motorized Säge that is used for felling trees and cutting large pieces of wood.

Sägen can also be classified based on the shape of their blades. For instance, a circular saw has a round blade that rotates rapidly to cut through material. A jigsaw, on the other hand, has a reciprocating blade that moves up and down quickly to make cuts. Understanding the different types of Sägen and their uses is important for selecting the right tool for the job.

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