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Meaning: pitch (in music)

Die Tonhöhe des Liedes war zu hoch.

The pitch of the song was too high.

Meaning: tone height (in phonetics)

Die Tonhöhe der Stimme beeindruckte alle.

The tone height of the voice impressed everyone.

Meaning: sound level

Die Tonhöhe des Geräusches war unerträglich laut.

The sound level of the noise was unbearably loud.


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A1: Die Tonhöhe des Liedes ist hoch.

A1: The pitch of the song is high.

A1: Kannst du die Tonhöhe der Stimme ändern?

A1: Can you change the pitch of your voice?

A1: Die Tonhöhe des Instruments klingt schön.

A1: The pitch of the instrument sounds beautiful.

B1: Die Sängerin hat ihre Tonhöhe verbessert.

B1: The singer has improved her pitch.

B1: Der Musiklehrer lehrt die Schüler, wie man die Tonhöhe kontrolliert.

B1: The music teacher teaches the students how to control the pitch.

B2: Er wird die Tonhöhe des Songs anpassen, um ihn besser singen zu können.

B2: He will adjust the pitch of the song to be able to sing it better.

B2: Die Tonhöhe des Klaviers kann mit einem Stimmgerät überprüft werden.

B2: The pitch of the piano can be checked with a tuner.

C1: Die Tonhöhe beeinflusst die emotionale Wirkung eines Musikstücks.

C1: The pitch influences the emotional impact of a piece of music.

C1: Die Tonhöhe des Gesangs kann die Bedeutung eines Liedes verstärken.

C1: The pitch of the singing can enhance the meaning of a song.

C2: Der Dirigent hat die Tonhöhe des Orchesters perfektioniert, um eine harmonische Klangqualität zu erreichen.

C2: The conductor perfected the pitch of the orchestra to achieve a harmonious sound quality.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Tonhöhe is a German noun that translates to 'pitch' in English. It refers to the perceived frequency of a sound, determining whether it is high or low.

In music, tonhöhe is an important concept as it helps distinguish between different notes and melodies. A higher tonhöhe corresponds to a higher pitch, while a lower tonhöhe corresponds to a lower pitch.

Understanding tonhöhe is crucial for musicians, singers, and composers, as it allows them to accurately reproduce and create musical sounds with the desired pitch.

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