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Meaning: thin (opposite of thick)

Sie hat dünnere Haare als ich.

She has thinner hair than I do.

Meaning: slim (opposite of fat)

Er ist sehr dünn und sportlich.

He is very slim and athletic.

Meaning: sparse (opposite of dense)

Der Wald ist dünn besiedelt.

The forest is sparsely populated.

Meaning: weak (opposite of strong)

Seine Stimme klang dünn und zittrig.

His voice sounded weak and shaky.

Meaning: watery (opposite of thick or concentrated)

Die Suppe war zu dünn, sie hätte mehr Gewürze gebraucht.

The soup was too watery, it needed more spices.


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A1: Das Mädchen isst einen dünnen Apfel.

The girl is eating a thin apple.

A1: Der Mann hat dünne Haare.

The man has thin hair.

A1: Die Katze ist dünn und klein.

The cat is thin and small.

B1: Mein Bruder trägt eine dünne Jacke, weil es kalt ist.

My brother is wearing a thin jacket because it's cold.

B1: Ich habe gestern eine dünne Suppe gekocht.

Yesterday I cooked a thin soup.

B1: Die Wand ist dünn, man kann alles hören.

The wall is thin, you can hear everything.

C1: Die dünne Schicht Eis auf dem See begann zu schmelzen.

The thin layer of ice on the lake started to melt.

C1: Sie trug ein dünnes Kleid, obwohl es draußen kalt war.

She wore a thin dress even though it was cold outside.

C1: Der Künstler malte mit einem dünnen Pinsel feine Linien auf die Leinwand.

The artist painted fine lines on the canvas with a thin brush.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German adjective 'dünn' translates to 'thin' in English. It is used to describe something that has a small distance between its opposite surfaces or sides.

When referring to a person, 'dünn' can mean physically thin or slender. It is often used to describe someone who has a slim or lean body shape.

In the context of food, 'dünn' can refer to something that is thinly sliced or cut. For example, 'dünne Scheiben' means 'thin slices'.

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