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Meaning: naturally

Es ist natürlich, dass Kinder spielen möchten.

It is natural for children to want to play.

Meaning: of course

Natürlich werde ich dir helfen.

Of course, I will help you.

Meaning: certainly

Das ist natürlich möglich.

That is certainly possible.

Meaning: obviously

Er hat natürlich gewonnen.

He obviously won.

Meaning: surely

Du wirst das natürlich schaffen.

You will surely manage that.


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A1: Natürlich spreche ich Deutsch.

A1: Of course I speak German.

A1: Das ist natürlich schön.

A1: That is naturally beautiful.

A1: Er ist natürlich müde.

A1: He is naturally tired.

B1: Natürlich habe ich das Buch gelesen.

B1: Of course I have read the book.

B1: Sie hat natürlich schon davon gehört.

B1: She has of course heard about it already.

B1: Ich werde natürlich pünktlich sein.

B1: I will of course be on time.

C1: Es wäre natürlich besser, wenn du es selbst machst.

C1: It would be naturally better if you do it yourself.

C1: Natürlich hätte ich gerne mehr Informationen darüber.

C1: Naturally, I would like to have more information about it.

C1: Wenn du so denkst, dann bist du natürlich im Recht.

C1: If you think that way, then you are naturally right.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German adverb 'natürlich' translates to 'naturally' in English. It is derived from the word 'Natur', which means 'nature'.

'Natürlich' is a versatile word that can be used in various contexts. It is often used to express something that is obvious, expected, or logical. For example, if someone asks if it's raining outside and you reply with 'natürlich', it means 'of course' or 'naturally'.

In addition to expressing something that is natural or expected, 'natürlich' can also be used to emphasize a statement or to show agreement. It can be used as an interjection to convey enthusiasm or affirmation, similar to the English expressions 'of course!' or 'absolutely!'

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