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Part of speech



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Meaning: forward

Er geht vorwärts.

He is going forward.

Meaning: ahead

Der Zug fährt vorwärts.

The train is moving ahead.

Meaning: progressively

Die Arbeit geht vorwärts.

The work is progressing.

Meaning: forth

Er ging vorwärts und öffnete die Tür.

He went forth and opened the door.


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A1: Ich gehe vorwärts.

A1: I go forward.

A1: Der Zug fährt vorwärts.

A1: The train moves forward.

A1: Sie rennt vorwärts.

A1: She runs forward.

B1: Er ist vorwärts gegangen, um den Ball zu holen.

B1: He went forward to get the ball.

B1: Wir werden vorwärts gehen und die Straße überqueren.

B1: We will go forward and cross the street.

B1: Du bist vorwärts gelaufen, um den Bus zu erwischen.

B1: You ran forward to catch the bus.

C1: Nachdem er den Hindernislauf absolviert hatte, schaute er vorwärts auf die nächste Herausforderung.

C1: After completing the obstacle course, he looked forward to the next challenge.

C1: Die Mannschaft bewegt sich vorwärts im Turnier und hat gute Chancen auf den Sieg.

C1: The team is advancing in the tournament and has good chances of winning.

C1: Vorwärts zu denken und neue Ideen zu entwickeln, ist ein wichtiger Teil des Innovationsprozesses.

C1: Thinking forward and developing new ideas is an important part of the innovation process.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German adverb 'vorwärts' means 'forward' in English. It is used to describe movement or progress in a forward direction.

'Vorwärts' can be used in various contexts, such as sports, navigation, or personal development. For example, in sports, a coach might encourage their team to move 'vorwärts' to attack the opponent's goal. In navigation, it can refer to moving forward along a route or following a specific direction. In terms of personal development, 'vorwärts' can represent making progress or advancing towards goals and aspirations.

It is important to note that 'vorwärts' is an adverb and does not change its form based on gender or number. It remains the same regardless of whether it is used with masculine, feminine, or neuter nouns.

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