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Meaning: still

Aún no he terminado mi tarea.

I still haven't finished my homework.

Meaning: yet

No ha llegado aún.

He hasn't arrived yet.

Meaning: even

Aún los niños pueden entenderlo.

Even children can understand it.

Meaning: even so

Hace frío, pero aún así quiero salir.

It's cold, but even so I want to go out.

Meaning: besides

Aún me gusta el chocolate.

Besides, I still like chocolate.


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A1: Aún no he terminado mi tarea.

A1: I haven't finished my homework yet.

A1: ¿Aún tienes hambre?

A1: Are you still hungry?

A1: No puedo encontrar mis llaves aún.

A1: I still can't find my keys.

B1: Aún no has comprendido la lección.

B1: You haven't understood the lesson yet.

B1: Espero que aún estés interesado en el proyecto.

B1: I hope you are still interested in the project.

B1: Aún no hemos decidido qué hacer este fin de semana.

B1: We haven't decided what to do this weekend yet.

C1: Aún no habrás llegado a casa cuando empiece la reunión.

C1: You won't have arrived home yet when the meeting starts.

C1: Me sorprende que aún no hayas visitado Barcelona.

C1: I'm surprised that you still haven't visited Barcelona.

C1: Aunque haya pasado mucho tiempo, aún recuerdo aquel día.

C1: Even though a lot of time has passed, I still remember that day.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Spanish adverb 'aún' means 'still' in English. It is used to indicate that a particular action or state continues to exist or be true at the present time, despite other circumstances.

For example, if someone says 'Aún estoy esperando el tren', it means 'I am still waiting for the train'. In this case, the person has been waiting for a while and the action of waiting is ongoing.

Another example is 'Aún no he terminado mi tarea', which translates to 'I haven't finished my homework yet'. Here, the person is emphasizing that the task of completing the homework is not yet completed.

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