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Meaning: in that place

El libro está ahí.

The book is there.

Meaning: at that point

Ahí es donde cometiste el error.

That's where you made the mistake.

Meaning: there (as an expression of location)

¿Vives por ahí?

Do you live around there?

Meaning: there (as an expression of time)

Llegaré ahí a las 3 de la tarde.

I will arrive there at 3 p.m.


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A1: Ahí está mi casa.

A1: There is my house.

A1: ¿Dónde está el supermercado? - Ahí, a la derecha.

A1: Where is the supermarket? - There, on the right.

A2: No puedo verlo desde aquí, pero ahí está el monumento.

A2: I can't see it from here, but there is the monument.

B1: Si sigues caminando por esa calle, llegarás ahí en cinco minutos.

B1: If you keep walking down that street, you will get there in five minutes.

B1: Ahí es donde conocí a mi mejor amigo.

B1: That's where I met my best friend.

B2: Me encantaría ir de vacaciones ahí algún día.

B2: I would love to go on vacation there someday.

C1: Ahí es donde se encuentra el museo más importante de la ciudad.

C1: That's where the most important museum in the city is located.

C1: Ahí fue donde tuvo lugar la histórica batalla.

C1: That's where the historic battle took place.

C2: No me gusta cómo está organizado el sistema educativo ahí.

C2: I don't like how the education system is organized there.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Spanish adverb 'ahí' is used to indicate a location or position that is not too far away, but not very close either. It can be translated into English as 'there' or 'over there'.

For example, if someone asks you where the supermarket is and you point in its general direction without specifying an exact spot, you can say 'Está ahí' meaning 'It's there'.

In addition to indicating a physical location, 'ahí' can also be used figuratively to refer to a point in a conversation or a stage in a process.

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