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Meaning: never

Jamás he estado en Francia.

I have never been to France.

Meaning: ever

¿Has visto jamás algo tan hermoso?

Have you ever seen something so beautiful?

Meaning: at no time

Jamás te abandonaré.

I will never leave you.

Meaning: under no circumstances

Jamás permitiré que eso suceda.

Under no circumstances will I allow that to happen.


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A1: No he visto jamás una película tan emocionante.

A1: I have never seen such an exciting movie.

A1: Ella jamás come carne.

A1: She never eats meat.

A1: Jamás he estado en ese país.

A1: I have never been to that country.

B1: Siempre te recordaré, jamás te olvidaré.

B1: I will always remember you, I will never forget you.

B1: Jamás había visto un paisaje tan hermoso como este.

B1: I had never seen such a beautiful landscape before.

B1: Espero que jamás vuelva a ocurrir algo así.

B1: I hope something like this never happens again.

C1: Jamás habría imaginado que llegaríamos tan lejos.

C1: I would have never imagined that we would go so far.

C1: Aunque lo intentes, jamás podrás cambiar mi opinión.

C1: Even if you try, you will never be able to change my opinion.

C1: Jamás se me ocurriría hacer algo así.

C1: It would never occur to me to do something like that.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Spanish adverb 'jamás' means 'never' in English. It is used to express the idea of something not happening at any time or under any circumstances.

Jamás is a strong and emphatic word that conveys a sense of absolute negation. It is often used to emphasize the impossibility or extreme unlikelihood of an event occurring.

In Spanish, jamás is commonly used in negative sentences or questions to express a complete absence of an action or state. It can also be used in affirmative sentences for added emphasis.

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