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The Italian noun città means city in English.

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Meaning: city

Milano è una città molto grande.

Milan is a very big city.

Meaning: town

La mia città natale si trova in campagna.

My hometown is located in the countryside.

Meaning: metropolis

Roma è una delle metropoli più famose del mondo.

Rome is one of the most famous metropolises in the world.

Meaning: municipality

La città di Firenze ha molte attrazioni turistiche.

The municipality of Florence has many tourist attractions.


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A1: Abito in città.

I live in the city.

A1: La città è molto grande.

The city is very big.

A2: Ho visitato molte città in Italia.

I have visited many cities in Italy.

B1: Sono nato in una piccola città di provincia.

I was born in a small provincial town.

B2: Questa città sta diventando sempre più caotica.

This city is becoming more and more chaotic.

B2: Dopo aver vissuto per anni in città, ho deciso di trasferirmi in campagna.

After living for years in the city, I decided to move to the countryside.

C1: La città antica è stata distrutta durante la guerra.

The ancient city was destroyed during the war.

C2: La mia passione per l'urbanistica mi ha portato a studiare le città del futuro.

My passion for urban planning led me to study the cities of the future.

C2: La bellezza della città si può apprezzare meglio dall'alto.

The beauty of the city can be best appreciated from above.

Advanced Description

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Città is a common Italian word used to refer to a populated urban area. It can be used to describe any type of city, from small towns to large metropolises. In Italy, there are many famous cities such as Rome, Florence, and Venice that attract millions of tourists every year.

The word città comes from the Latin word civitas, which means citizenship or community. This reflects the idea that cities are places where people come together to live and work. In Italian culture, cities are often seen as centers of art, history, and commerce.

When using the word città in Italian, it's important to note that it is a feminine noun. This means that any adjectives or articles used with it must also be in the feminine form. For example, you would say la bella città (the beautiful city) instead of il bello città (the beautiful city).

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