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The Italian adverb così means 'so' or 'thus' in English. It is used to indicate a consequence or result of something that has been said or done.

Part of speech



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Meaning: in this way

Ho preparato la pasta così come mi hai detto.

I prepared the pasta in this way as you told me.

Meaning: so, therefore

Non ho studiato abbastanza, così non ho passato l'esame.

I didn't study enough, so I didn't pass the exam.

Meaning: like this, like that

Puoi mettere il tavolo così?

Can you set the table like this?

Meaning: so much, very

Mi piace così tanto questa canzone!

I like this song so much!

Meaning: in such a way

Hai parlato così velocemente che non ti ho capito.

You spoke so quickly that I didn't understand you.


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A1: Sono così felice di vederti!

A1: I am so happy to see you!

A1: Ho mangiato così tanto a pranzo che non riesco a muovermi.

A1: I ate so much for lunch that I can't move.

A1: Mi piace così come sei.

A1: I like you just the way you are.

B1: Non pensavo che il film sarebbe stato così bello.

B1: I didn't think the movie would be so good.

B1: Ho lavorato così duramente per questo progetto.

B1: I worked so hard on this project.

B1: La mia amica è così gentile con tutti.

B1: My friend is so kind to everyone.

C1: Spero che tu possa capire così la mia decisione.

C1: I hope you can understand my decision in this way.

C1: Sei così bravo a suonare il pianoforte!

C1: You are so good at playing the piano!

C1: È difficile trovare un ristorante così autentico in questa città.

C1: It's difficult to find such an authentic restaurant in this city.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In Italian, the word così can be used in various contexts and situations. One of the most common uses is to express a consequence or result of an action or statement. For example, if someone says 'Ho studiato molto oggi' (I studied a lot today), you could respond with 'Così sarai pronto per l'esame' (So you will be ready for the exam). In this case, così is used to indicate the consequence of studying a lot.

Another way to use così is to mean 'thus' or 'in this way'. For instance, if you want to explain how to make a recipe, you could say 'Metti la farina e l'acqua nella ciotola e mescola così' (Put the flour and water in the bowl and mix it like this). Here, così indicates the way in which the ingredients should be mixed.

It's worth noting that così can also be used as an intensifier, similar to the English word 'so'. For example, if you want to say that something is really good, you could say 'È così buono!' (It's so good!). In this case, così emphasizes the degree of goodness.

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