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Meaning: difficulty

Ho avuto difficoltà a capire il testo.

I had difficulty understanding the text.

Meaning: trouble

Sto avendo difficoltà con la mia macchina.

I am having trouble with my car.

Meaning: challenge

La vita presenta molte difficoltà.

Life presents many challenges.

Meaning: obstacle

Le difficoltà non mi fermeranno.

The obstacles will not stop me.


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A1: Ho molte difficoltà a parlare italiano.

A1: I have a lot of difficulty speaking Italian.

A1: Non riesco a superare questa difficoltà.

A1: I can't overcome this difficulty.

A1: La matematica è una difficoltà per me.

A1: Math is a difficulty for me.

B1: Ho avuto molte difficoltà nel trovare un lavoro.

B1: I had a lot of difficulties in finding a job.

B1: Se continui così, ti metterai in difficoltà.

B1: If you continue like this, you will put yourself in difficulty.

B1: Sono riuscito a superare le difficoltà dell'esame.

B1: I managed to overcome the difficulties of the exam.

C1: Le difficoltà che ho affrontato mi hanno reso più forte.

C1: The difficulties I faced made me stronger.

C1: È importante saper gestire le difficoltà della vita.

C1: It's important to know how to handle the difficulties of life.

C1: Abbiamo dovuto affrontare numerose difficoltà durante il progetto.

C1: We had to face numerous difficulties during the project.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word "difficoltà" is an Italian noun that translates to "difficulty" in English. It is derived from the adjective "difficile", which means "difficult". The word refers to a state or condition of being hard, challenging, or problematic.

In everyday usage, "difficoltà" can be used to describe various situations or tasks that are not easy to accomplish. It can refer to obstacles, problems, or challenges that require effort, skill, or perseverance to overcome. Whether it's a difficult math problem, a complex task at work, or personal struggles, the word encompasses a wide range of difficulties.

The concept of "difficoltà" is subjective and can vary from person to person. What may be difficult for one individual might be easy for another. It is often used in conversations about personal growth, learning experiences, and overcoming obstacles in life.

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