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Giù is an Italian adverb that means down or below.

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Meaning: down, downwards

Ho camminato giù per la collina.

I walked down the hill.

Meaning: below, under

Il gatto è giù sotto il tavolo.

The cat is under the table.

Meaning: sad, downhearted

Sono giù perché ho perso la partita.

I'm sad because I lost the game.

Meaning: low, quiet

Parla più giù, non voglio che gli altri ci sentano.

Speak more quietly, I don't want others to hear us.


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A1: Sono giù di morale oggi.

I'm feeling down today.

A1: Il gatto è sceso giù dal tetto.

The cat went down from the roof.

A2: Ho messo le chiavi giù sul tavolo.

I put the keys down on the table.

B1: Siamo andati giù in spiaggia per fare il bagno.

We went down to the beach to swim.

B1: Questo prezzo è giù rispetto alla media del mercato.

This price is lower than the market average.

B2: Se continui a studiare, andrai giù in storia.

If you keep studying, you'll go down in history.

C1: Dopo aver lavorato tanto, mi sento giù di energia.

After working so much, I feel low on energy.

C1: La borsa è scesa giù di valore a causa della crisi economica.

The stock market has gone down in value due to the economic crisis.

C2: Non riesco a capire perché sei così giù di umore ultimamente.

I can't understand why you've been feeling so down lately.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In Italian, giù is a versatile adverb that can be used in various contexts. It is commonly used to indicate a downward movement or position. For example, if you want to say 'I am going down the stairs,' you can say 'sto scendendo giù per le scale.' Similarly, if you want to ask someone to come downstairs, you can say 'vieni giù.'

Giù can also be used to express a sense of lowliness or inferiority. For instance, if you want to say that something is beneath your dignity, you can say 'è troppo giù per me.' Additionally, giù can be used in a figurative sense to mean depressed or sad. In this context, you can say 'sono giù di morale' to express that you are feeling downhearted.

It's worth noting that giù is often used in combination with other words to form compound expressions. For example, 'giù di lì' means 'down there,' while 'giù in cantina' means 'down in the cellar.' Overall, giù is a useful word to know if you want to speak Italian fluently and convey different shades of meaning.

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