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Metà is an Italian noun that translates to 'half' in English.

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Meaning: half

Ho mangiato metà della pizza.

I ate half of the pizza.

Meaning: middle

Il negozio si trova nella metà della strada.

The store is located in the middle of the street.

Meaning: share

Abbiamo deciso di dividere le spese a metà.

We decided to split the expenses in half.


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A1: Ho mangiato metà della pizza.

A1: I ate half of the pizza.

A1: Metà del libro è interessante.

A1: Half of the book is interesting.

A1: Abbiamo bevuto metà della bottiglia d'acqua.

A1: We drank half of the water bottle.

B1: Ho letto metà del romanzo ieri.

B1: I read half of the novel yesterday.

B1: La metà degli studenti ha superato l'esame.

B1: Half of the students passed the exam.

B2: Ho lavorato per metà della giornata e poi sono andato a fare shopping.

B2: I worked for half of the day and then went shopping.

B2: La metà dei miei amici preferisce il cinema all'opera.

B2: Half of my friends prefer movies to opera.

C1: Sono stato in vacanza per la metà di agosto.

C1: I was on vacation for half of August.

C1: La metà delle persone presenti alla riunione era contraria alla proposta.

C1: Half of the people at the meeting were against the proposal.

C2: La metà dei dipendenti ha deciso di lasciare l'azienda a causa delle condizioni di lavoro.

C2: Half of the employees have decided to leave the company due to working conditions.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Metà is a commonly used word in the Italian language, and it is often used to describe something that has been divided into two equal parts. For example, if you were to cut an apple in half, you could say that you have 'tagliato la mela a metà', which means 'cut the apple in half'.

In addition to its literal meaning of 'half', metà can also be used figuratively to mean 'middle' or 'midpoint'. For instance, if you were talking about a book and wanted to refer to the middle section, you could say 'la metà del libro', which means 'the middle of the book'.

It's worth noting that metà is a gendered noun, so its form will change depending on whether the object being described is masculine or feminine. For masculine nouns, the correct form is 'metà'; for feminine nouns, the correct form is 'mezza'.

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