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Meaning: father

Mio papà è molto simpatico.

My father is very nice.

Meaning: dad

Il mio papà mi ha insegnato a guidare.

My dad taught me how to drive.

Meaning: daddy

Voglio che il mio papà mi legga una storia.

I want my daddy to read me a story.


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A1: Mio papà è molto simpatico.

My dad is very nice.

A1: Il mio papà lavora in ufficio.

My dad works in an office.

A1: Oggi vado al parco con papà.

Today I'm going to the park with dad.

B1: Ho regalato un libro a mio papà per il suo compleanno.

I gave my dad a book for his birthday.

B1: Papà ha cucinato la cena ieri sera.

Dad cooked dinner last night.

B2: Quando ero piccolo, papà mi portava sempre al mare d'estate.

When I was little, dad always took me to the seaside in the summer.

C1: Papà avrebbe voluto essere presente alla cerimonia di laurea di mia sorella, ma era impegnato con il lavoro.

Dad would have liked to be present at my sister's graduation ceremony, but he was busy with work.

C1: Papà mi ha insegnato a guidare quando avevo sedici anni.

Dad taught me how to drive when I was sixteen years old.

C2: Nonostante le difficoltà finanziarie, papà ha sempre fatto del suo meglio per garantirci una buona educazione.

Despite the financial difficulties, dad always did his best to provide us with a good education.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word "papà" is an Italian noun that means "father" in English. It is a term used to refer to one's biological or adoptive male parent.

In Italian culture, the word "papà" carries a strong sense of respect and affection towards fathers. It is commonly used by children and adults alike to address or talk about their fathers.

The word "papà" can also be used in a broader sense to refer to a father figure or someone who plays a paternal role in someone's life.

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