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Profondità is an Italian noun that translates to depth in English. It refers to the distance between the top or surface of something and its bottom or innermost part.

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Meaning: depth

La profondità del mare è sconosciuta.

The depth of the sea is unknown.

Meaning: profoundness

La profondità delle sue parole mi ha colpito.

The profoundness of his words struck me.

Meaning: intensity

L'intensità della sua passione era evidente.

The intensity of his passion was evident.

Meaning: thickness

La profondità del muro è di cinque centimetri.

The thickness of the wall is five centimeters.


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La profondità del mare mi spaventa.

A1: The depth of the sea scares me.

Questa piscina ha una profondità di due metri.

A2: This swimming pool has a depth of two meters.

La profondità del mio amore per te è infinita.

A2: The depth of my love for you is infinite.

La profondità della questione richiede ulteriori analisi.

B1: The depth of the issue requires further analysis.

Ho cercato di capire la profondità dei suoi pensieri.

B2: I tried to understand the depth of his thoughts.

La profondità dell'oceano è ancora un mistero per molti scienziati.

B2: The depth of the ocean is still a mystery to many scientists.

Non avevo mai realizzato la profondità del dolore che provava.

C1: I had never realized the depth of the pain he was feeling.

La profondità delle sue conoscenze era impressionante.

C2: The depth of his knowledge was impressive.

Solo dopo anni ho compreso la vera profondità del suo messaggio.

C2: Only after years did I understand the true depth of his message.

Advanced Description

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In everyday language, profondità can be used to describe physical measurements such as the depth of a swimming pool or the depth of a hole. However, it can also be used in a more abstract sense to describe concepts like emotional depth or intellectual depth.

In art and literature, profondità is often used to create a sense of perspective and three-dimensionality. For example, painters may use techniques like chiaroscuro (contrasting light and dark) to create the illusion of depth on a two-dimensional canvas.

In psychology, profondità can refer to the exploration of one's own psyche or subconscious mind. This concept was popularized by Sigmund Freud and his followers, who believed that understanding the depths of one's own mind was essential for personal growth and healing.

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