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Sì is an Italian adverb that translates to 'yes' in English. It is used to affirm or confirm something that has been said or asked.

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Meaning: yes

Sì, voglio andare al cinema stasera.

Yes, I want to go to the movies tonight.

Meaning: indeed

È sì vero che non posso crederci.

It is indeed true that I can't believe it.

Meaning: so

Ho lavorato sì tanto oggi che sono esausto.

I worked so much today that I'm exhausted.

Meaning: certainly

Puoi sì contare su di me per aiutarti.

You can certainly count on me to help you.

Meaning: surely

La torta è sì deliziosa che vorrei un'altra fetta.

The cake is surely delicious that I want another slice.


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A1: Sì, sono italiano.

A1: Yes, I am Italian.

A1: Vuoi un caffè? - Sì, grazie!

A1: Do you want a coffee? - Yes, please!

A1: Ho fame. - Sì, anch'io!

A1: I'm hungry. - Yes, me too!

B1: Sei stato al mare? - Sì, ci sono andato l'estate scorsa.

B1: Have you been to the beach? - Yes, I went there last summer.

B1: Hai visto il film? - Sì, l'ho visto ieri sera.

B1: Have you seen the movie? - Yes, I saw it last night.

B1: Verrai alla festa? - Sì, arriverò più tardi.

B1: Will you come to the party? - Yes, I will arrive later.

C1: Sei sicuro di volerlo fare? - Sì, ne sono assolutamente convinto.

C1: Are you sure you want to do it? - Yes, I am absolutely convinced of it.

C1: Hai mai viaggiato da solo? - Sì, ho fatto un viaggio in solitaria lo scorso anno.

C1: Have you ever traveled alone? - Yes, I took a solo trip last year.

C1: Sì, ho studiato molto per l'esame e sono riuscito ad ottenere un ottimo risultato.

C1: Yes, I studied a lot for the exam and managed to achieve an excellent result.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In Italian, sì is the most common way of saying 'yes'. It is a simple and straightforward word that can be used in a variety of situations. For example, if someone asks you if you want a coffee, you can simply respond with 'sì' to indicate that you do.

It's worth noting that sì can also be used to express agreement or consent. For instance, if someone suggests going to the cinema and you think it's a good idea, you could say 'sì' to show your approval.

In addition to its basic meaning as a confirmation or agreement, sì can also be used in more nuanced ways. For example, it can be used to express surprise or disbelief in response to a statement. In this context, it might be translated as 'really?' or 'is that so?'

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