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Volontà is an Italian noun that translates to 'will' or 'desire' in English. It refers to the mental state of wanting or wishing for something, often with a strong sense of determination.

Part of speech





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Meaning: will

La mia volontà è di viaggiare il mondo.

My will is to travel the world.

Meaning: desire

Ho una grande volontà di successo.

I have a strong desire for success.

Meaning: intention

La sua volontà è di studiare medicina.

His intention is to study medicine.

Meaning: wish

Esprimo la mia volontà di aiutarti.

I express my wish to help you.

Meaning: determination

Ha una volontà ferrea di raggiungere i suoi obiettivi.

He has a strong determination to achieve his goals.


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A1: Ho una volontà di andare al mare.

A1: I have a desire to go to the beach.

A1: La sua volontà è di imparare l'italiano.

A1: His/her will is to learn Italian.

A1: Non ho la volontà di fare i compiti.

A1: I don't have the will to do homework.

B1: Spero che tu abbia la volontà di aiutarmi.

B1: I hope you have the will to help me.

B1: La mia volontà era di partire domani, ma ho cambiato idea.

B1: My intention was to leave tomorrow, but I changed my mind.

B1: Se avessi più volontà, potrei raggiungere i miei obiettivi.

B1: If I had more determination, I could achieve my goals.

C1: La sua volontà di successo lo ha spinto a lavorare sodo.

C1: His will for success drove him to work hard.

C1: La volontà del popolo è stata rispettata nella decisione finale.

C1: The will of the people was respected in the final decision.

C1: La volontà di migliorarsi costantemente è una caratteristica dei grandi leader.

C1: The will to constantly improve is a characteristic of great leaders.

Advanced Description

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In Italian culture, volontà is highly valued as a trait of strength and resilience. It is seen as the driving force behind achieving one's goals and overcoming obstacles. The concept of volontà is deeply ingrained in the Italian language and way of life, and it is often used in everyday conversation.

Volontà can also refer to a person's free will or agency, particularly in philosophical or religious contexts. It is associated with the idea of making choices based on personal values and beliefs, rather than external pressures or influences.

Overall, volontà represents a powerful and complex aspect of human psychology and behavior. It encompasses both conscious decision-making and unconscious desires, and it can be influenced by a wide range of factors such as emotions, culture, and personal history.

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