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Abdeckung is a German noun that refers to the act of covering or protecting something, usually with a lid or cover.

Part of speech





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Meaning: coverage

Die Abdeckung des Mobilfunknetzes ist in ländlichen Gebieten oft schlecht.

The coverage of the mobile network is often poor in rural areas.

Meaning: cover

Bitte entfernen Sie die Abdeckung, um an die Batterien zu gelangen.

Please remove the cover to access the batteries.

Meaning: lid

Der Topf hat einen abnehmbaren Glas-Abdeckung.

The pot has a removable glass lid.

Meaning: coating

Die Abdeckung schützt das Holz vor Feuchtigkeit und Schmutz.

The coating protects the wood from moisture and dirt.


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A1: Die Abdeckung schützt das Buch vor Staub.

The cover protects the book from dust.

A1: Kannst du die Abdeckung auf den Topf legen?

Can you put the lid on the pot?

A1: Ich habe eine neue Abdeckung für mein Handy gekauft.

I bought a new case for my phone.

B1: Die Abdeckung des Pools muss regelmäßig gereinigt werden.

The pool cover needs to be cleaned regularly.

B1: Der Schaden an der Abdeckung wurde schnell behoben.

The damage to the cover was quickly repaired.

B1: Die Abdeckung des Buches ist aus Leder gefertigt.

The cover of the book is made of leather.

B2: Wir müssen die Abdeckung überprüfen, um sicherzustellen, dass sie richtig funktioniert.

We need to check the cover to make sure it's working properly.

B2: Die Abdeckung wurde versehentlich entfernt und muss wieder angebracht werden.

The cover was accidentally removed and needs to be reattached.

B2: Die Abdeckung des Motors wurde beschädigt und muss ausgetauscht werden.

The engine cover was damaged and needs to be replaced.

C1: Die Abdeckung des Geheimnisses wurde endlich gelüftet.

The cover of the secret was finally revealed.

C1: Die Abdeckung des Buches zeigt ein wunderschönes Gemälde.

The cover of the book features a beautiful painting.

C1: Die Abdeckung der Veranstaltung war sehr beeindruckend und zog viele Besucher an.

The coverage of the event was very impressive and attracted many visitors.

Advanced Description

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Abdeckung is a term commonly used in various fields such as construction, manufacturing, and even in everyday life. In construction, Abdeckung can refer to the protective covering used to shield surfaces from damage during building work. This can include everything from temporary covers for floors and walls to more permanent solutions like roofing tiles.

In manufacturing, Abdeckung can refer to the protective casing or coverings used to protect machinery or equipment from dust, debris, and other contaminants. These covers are often made of durable materials like metal or plastic and are designed to withstand harsh conditions.

In everyday life, Abdeckung can refer to any type of cover or lid used to protect food, drinks, or other items from outside elements. This can include everything from plastic wrap and aluminum foil to reusable containers with snap-on lids.

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