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Meaning: paragraph

Bitte schreiben Sie einen Absatz zu diesem Thema.

Please write a paragraph about this topic.

Meaning: sales

Der Absatz von Schuhen ist in den letzten Monaten gestiegen.

The sales of shoes have increased in the last few months.

Meaning: indentation

Verwenden Sie bitte einen Einzug für jeden Absatz.

Please use an indentation for each paragraph.

Meaning: heel

Die Absätze meiner Schuhe sind zu hoch.

The heels of my shoes are too high.


This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A1: Der Absatz des Buches ist groß.

The sales of the book are high.

A2: Sie trägt hohe Absätze.

She is wearing high heels.

A2: Der Absatz von Schuhen steigt im Sommer.

The sales of shoes increase in summer.

B1: Die Firma hat ihren Absatz gesteigert.

The company has increased its sales.

B2: Er plant, den Absatz im nächsten Quartal zu verdoppeln.

He plans to double the sales in the next quarter.

B2: Der Absatz der neuen Produkte hat sich gut entwickelt.

The sales of the new products have developed well.

C1: Das Unternehmen hat seinen Absatzmarkt erweitert.

The company has expanded its market share.

C1: Der Absatz von Elektroautos wird in den kommenden Jahren stark steigen.

The sales of electric cars will increase significantly in the coming years.

C2: Trotz der Wirtschaftskrise konnte das Unternehmen seinen Absatz stabil halten.

Despite the economic crisis, the company was able to maintain its sales stability.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun Absatz refers to the act of selling or the sales volume of a product. It can also refer to a paragraph in a text.

In the context of business and marketing, Absatz is often used to describe the amount of goods or services sold within a specific time period. It is an important metric for companies to measure their success and profitability.

In literature and writing, Absatz is used to denote a paragraph or section of a text. It helps to structure and organize written content, allowing readers to follow the flow of ideas.

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