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Meaning: chord

Der Musiker spielte einen Akkord auf der Gitarre.

The musician played a chord on the guitar.

Meaning: accord

Die beiden Parteien haben einen Akkord über die Bedingungen getroffen.

The two parties have reached an accord on the terms.

Meaning: shift

Der Arbeiter hat den Nachmittags-Akkord gewählt.

The worker has chosen the afternoon shift.

Meaning: agreement

Wir haben einen Akkord über den Verkaufspreis erzielt.

We have reached an agreement on the selling price.

Meaning: contract

Der Bauunternehmer hat einen Akkord für das Bauprojekt abgeschlossen.

The construction contractor has signed a contract for the building project.


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A1: Ich spiele einen Akkord auf der Gitarre.

A1: I play a chord on the guitar.

A2: Der Musiker spielte einen schönen Akkord auf dem Klavier.

A2: The musician played a beautiful chord on the piano.

A2: Kannst du mir den Akkord zeigen?

A2: Can you show me the chord?

B1: Er hat den Akkord falsch gespielt.

B1: He played the chord wrong.

B2: Die Band probt gerade einen neuen Akkord für das Lied.

B2: The band is rehearsing a new chord for the song.

B2: Ich habe gelernt, wie man verschiedene Akkorde auf der Gitarre spielt.

B2: I have learned how to play different chords on the guitar.

C1: Der Komponist verwendete ungewöhnliche Akkorde in seiner Musik.

C1: The composer used unusual chords in his music.

C1: Die Gitarristen improvisierten mit komplexen Akkorden während des Konzerts.

C1: The guitarists improvised with complex chords during the concert.

C2: Die Pianistin beherrschte die schwierigen Akkorde mühelos.

C2: The pianist effortlessly mastered the difficult chords.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Akkord' refers to a musical term that means a combination of three or more notes played simultaneously. It is commonly used in the context of harmony and chord progressions in music.

In music theory, an Akkord is formed by stacking different intervals on top of each other, such as thirds or fourths. The specific combination of notes determines the quality and function of the chord within a musical piece.

Akkords are fundamental building blocks in Western tonal music and are used extensively in various genres and styles, including classical, jazz, pop, and rock. Understanding how to construct and use Akkords is essential for musicians and composers to create harmonically rich and expressive musical compositions.

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