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Akt is a German noun which refers to a scene or act in a theatrical performance, movie or any other form of entertainment.

Part of speech





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Meaning: action

Die Aktivitäten des Unternehmens sind sehr vielfältig.

The activities of the company are very diverse.

Meaning: share certificate

Ich habe 100 Aktien von Apple gekauft.

I bought 100 shares of Apple.

Meaning: act (in a play)

Er spielt die Hauptrolle in der Akt 'Hamlet'.

He plays the lead role in the play 'Hamlet'.


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Ich habe einen Akt über meine Steuern erhalten.

I received a document about my taxes.

Der Akt des Vorlesens kann beruhigend sein.

The act of reading aloud can be calming.

Die Polizei hat den Akt untersucht.

The police investigated the case.

Im Akt sind alle wichtigen Informationen enthalten.

All important information is included in the file.

Die Firma hat den Akt erfolgreich abgeschlossen.

The company successfully completed the transaction.

Der Akt wird noch geprüft werden müssen.

The case will still have to be examined.

Seit dem letzten Akt hat sich viel verändert.

A lot has changed since the last act.

Die Anwälte haben den Akt ausführlich besprochen.

The lawyers discussed the case in detail.

Es ist unklar, wie der Akt ausgehen wird.

It is unclear how the case will turn out.

Advanced Description

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In the context of theater and film, Akt refers to a specific part of the performance that is divided into different acts. Each act usually represents a different segment of the story being told, and may involve different characters or settings. The term Akt is commonly used in German-speaking countries, but it is also used in other languages such as Dutch and Swedish.

The concept of Akt can also be applied to other forms of entertainment such as music concerts or sporting events. In these cases, an Akt could refer to a particular segment of the event that has its own distinct theme or atmosphere. For example, in a music concert, an Akt could represent a set of songs that are performed together with a certain visual or musical style.

It's worth noting that Akt is not always used in the context of entertainment. In some cases, it can also be used to refer to an action or activity that someone is engaged in. For instance, if someone says 'Ich bin gerade beim Akt des Schreibens', it means they are currently in the process of writing something.

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