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Meaning: share (in a company)

Ich habe viele Aktien von Apple.

I have many shares of Apple.

Meaning: stock (financial instrument)

Die Aktie der Firma ist heute gestiegen.

The stock of the company has risen today.

Meaning: certificate

Er hat ein Aktienzertifikat als Geschenk erhalten.

He received a share certificate as a gift.

Meaning: equity

Das Unternehmen hat ein hohes Eigenkapital.

The company has a high equity capital.


This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A1: Ich habe eine Aktie gekauft.

A1: I bought a share.

A2: Die Aktie ist gestiegen.

A2: The share has risen.

A2: Er hat viele Aktien verkauft.

A2: He sold many shares.

B1: Die Aktie hat sich gut entwickelt.

B1: The share has performed well.

B1: Wir haben unsere Aktien rechtzeitig verkauft.

B1: We sold our shares in time.

B2: Die Aktie wird voraussichtlich steigen.

B2: The share is expected to rise.

B2: Sie hätten ihre Aktien früher verkaufen sollen.

B2: They should have sold their shares earlier.

C1: Die Aktie war überbewertet und stürzte ab.

C1: The share was overvalued and crashed.

C1: Es besteht ein hohes Risiko, wenn man in einzelne Aktien investiert.

C1: There is a high risk when investing in individual shares.

C2: Der Börsencrash führte zu einem massiven Verlust an Aktienwerten.

C2: The stock market crash led to a massive loss in share values.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun "Aktie" refers to a share or stock in a company. It represents ownership in the company and gives the shareholder certain rights, such as voting on corporate matters and receiving dividends.

In Germany, Aktien are commonly traded on the stock exchange, where investors can buy and sell shares of publicly listed companies. The value of an Aktie can fluctuate based on various factors, including the performance of the company and market conditions.

Investing in Aktien can be a way for individuals to participate in the growth and success of companies and potentially earn returns on their investment. However, it also carries risks, as the value of Aktien can go down as well as up.

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