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Meaning: claim

Er hat Anspruch auf eine Entschädigung.

He has a claim to compensation.

Meaning: entitlement

Sie hat Anspruch auf bezahlten Urlaub.

She is entitled to paid vacation.

Meaning: demand

Der Kunde stellt hohe Ansprüche an die Qualität des Produkts.

The customer has high demands on the quality of the product.

Meaning: expectation

Die Veranstaltung erfüllte meine Ansprüche nicht.

The event did not meet my expectations.

Meaning: aspiration

Sein Anspruch ist es, ein erfolgreicher Schriftsteller zu werden.

His aspiration is to become a successful writer.


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A1: Ich habe einen Anspruch auf eine Rückerstattung.

A1: I have a claim for a refund.

A1: Sie hat Anspruch auf eine kostenlose Beratung.

A1: She is entitled to free consultation.

A1: Er hat Anspruch auf Urlaubstage.

A1: He is entitled to vacation days.

B1: Der Kunde erhebt Anspruch auf Schadensersatz.

B1: The customer claims compensation.

B1: Die Versicherung deckt den Anspruch des Unfallopfers ab.

B1: The insurance covers the claim of the accident victim.

B2: Das Unternehmen hat hohe Qualitätsansprüche an seine Produkte.

B2: The company has high quality standards for its products.

C1: Der Politiker betonte den Anspruch auf Gleichberechtigung.

C1: The politician emphasized the demand for equality.

C1: Die Künstlerin setzt sich für die Anerkennung der Kunst als wichtigen gesellschaftlichen Anspruch ein.

C1: The artist advocates for the recognition of art as an important societal claim.

C2: Die Verfassung garantiert jedem Bürger das Recht auf freie Meinungsäußerung und den Anspruch auf Privatsphäre.

C2: The constitution guarantees every citizen the right to freedom of expression and the claim to privacy.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun "Anspruch" can be translated to English as "claim", "demand", or "entitlement". It is derived from the verb "ansprechen", which means "to address" or "to speak to". In a general sense, "Anspruch" refers to a request or requirement that someone has.

In legal contexts, "Anspruch" can refer to a legal claim or right that an individual has. This could include claims for compensation, property rights, or other legal entitlements. The term can also be used in the context of insurance, where it refers to the policyholder's right to receive benefits or coverage under their insurance policy.

Additionally, "Anspruch" can also have a more abstract meaning, referring to someone's expectations or standards. For example, if someone has high expectations for themselves or others, they might be described as having a high "Anspruch". Similarly, if someone believes they are entitled to certain privileges or treatment, they might be said to have a sense of entitlement or a strong "Anspruch".

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