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Anzahl is a German noun that refers to the quantity or number of something.

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Meaning: quantity

Die Anzahl der Bücher in der Bibliothek ist beeindruckend.

The quantity of books in the library is impressive.

Meaning: number

Die Anzahl der Teilnehmer an der Konferenz war höher als erwartet.

The number of participants at the conference was higher than expected.

Meaning: amount

Die Anzahl des Geldes, das ich verloren habe, ist beträchtlich.

The amount of money I lost is considerable.


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A1: Die Anzahl der Bücher in der Bibliothek ist groß.

A1: The number of books in the library is large.

A1: Ich habe eine große Anzahl von Freunden.

A1: I have a large number of friends.

A1: Die Anzahl der Schüler in der Klasse beträgt 20.

A1: The number of students in the class is 20.

B1: Die Anzahl der Arbeitslosen ist gestiegen.

B1: The number of unemployed people has increased.

B1: Die Anzahl der Touristen hat sich verdoppelt.

B1: The number of tourists has doubled.

B1: Die Anzahl der Verletzten bei dem Unfall war hoch.

B1: The number of injured people in the accident was high.

C1: Die Anzahl der Bewerbungen für den Job war überwältigend.

C1: The number of applications for the job was overwhelming.

C1: Die Anzahl der Todesopfer durch die Naturkatastrophe ist noch nicht bekannt.

C1: The number of fatalities caused by the natural disaster is not yet known.

C1: Die Anzahl der Stimmen für den Kandidaten war entscheidend für seinen Sieg.

C1: The number of votes for the candidate was crucial for his victory.

Advanced Description

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Anzahl is a commonly used term in German when referring to quantities or numbers. It can be used in various contexts, such as in mathematics, statistics, and everyday conversation. For example, if someone asks you about the Anzahl der Menschen (number of people) attending an event, they are asking for the total count of individuals present.

In some cases, Anzahl can also refer to the amount of a specific item or product. For instance, if you are at a grocery store and want to know the Anzahl der Äpfel (number of apples) in a bag, you would be asking for the total quantity of apples in that particular package.

It's important to note that Anzahl is a gender-neutral noun, meaning it does not change based on the gender of the subject being counted. Additionally, it can be modified by adjectives to provide more specific information about the quantity being referred to.

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