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Arbeit is a German noun that translates to work in English. It refers to any physical or mental effort put into a task or job with the aim of achieving a particular goal.

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Meaning: work, job, employment

Ich habe heute viel Arbeit zu erledigen.

I have a lot of work to do today.

Meaning: labor, effort, exertion

Die Arbeit an diesem Projekt erfordert viel Geduld und Ausdauer.

The labor on this project requires a lot of patience and endurance.

Meaning: task, assignment

Meine Arbeit für heute ist es, diese Berichte zu überprüfen.

My task for today is to review these reports.

Meaning: deed, action

Seine guten Taten zeigen, dass er ein Mann der Arbeit ist.

His good deeds show that he is a man of action.


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A1: Arbeit macht müde.

A1: Work makes you tired.

A1: Ich habe viel Arbeit heute.

A1: I have a lot of work today.

A1: Meine Arbeit ist langweilig.

A1: My work is boring.

B1: Ich arbeite seit fünf Jahren in dieser Firma.

B1: I have been working in this company for five years.

B1: Er hat gestern bis spät in die Nacht gearbeitet.

B1: He worked until late at night yesterday.

B1: Sie wird nächstes Jahr eine neue Arbeit suchen.

B1: She will look for a new job next year.

C1: Nachdem ich meine Arbeit erledigt hatte, ging ich nach Hause.

C1: After I had finished my work, I went home.

C1: Während meiner Arbeit bemerkte ich einen Fehler im System.

C1: While I was working, I noticed an error in the system.

C1: Obwohl er hart arbeitete, konnte er den Erfolg nicht erreichen.

C1: Although he worked hard, he could not achieve success.

Advanced Description

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In Germany, Arbeit is highly valued and considered an essential part of life. The country has a strong work ethic, and people take pride in their jobs. This attitude towards work is reflected in the country's economy, which is one of the strongest in Europe.

Arbeit can refer to both paid and unpaid work, including household chores, volunteering, and internships. The concept of Arbeit also includes the idea of responsibility and duty towards one's community and society as a whole.

However, the word Arbeit can also have negative connotations, particularly when it comes to overworking and burnout. In recent years, there has been a growing movement in Germany towards achieving a better work-life balance, with many companies offering flexible working hours and other benefits to their employees.

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