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Basis is a German noun that refers to the foundation or fundamental principles upon which something is built.

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Meaning: foundation

Die Basis für das Gebäude wurde gelegt.

The foundation for the building was laid.

Meaning: basis

Diese Entscheidung wurde auf der Basis von Fakten getroffen.

This decision was made on the basis of facts.

Meaning: base

Der Soldat kehrte zur Basis zurück.

The soldier returned to the base.

Meaning: basic

Sie hat eine gute Basiskenntnis der Sprache.

She has a good basic knowledge of the language.


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A1: Die Basis für den Kuchen ist Mehl.

The basis for the cake is flour.

A1: Das Fundament bildet die Basis des Gebäudes.

The foundation forms the basis of the building.

A1: Der Lehrer legt die Basis für das Lernen der Schüler.

The teacher lays the foundation for the students' learning.

B1: Die wissenschaftliche Forschung bildet die Basis für neue Entwicklungen.

Scientific research forms the basis for new developments.

B1: Die Verhandlungen haben auf einer soliden Basis begonnen.

The negotiations have started on a solid basis.

B1: Aufgrund der neuen Informationen hat sich die Ausgangsbasis geändert.

Due to the new information, the starting point has changed.

C1: Die Grundlage für das Projekt wurde sorgfältig erarbeitet.

The basis for the project was carefully developed.

C1: Die Entscheidung basiert auf einer umfangreichen Datenanalyse.

The decision is based on an extensive data analysis.

C1: Die Diskussionen führten zu einer gemeinsamen Basis für weitere Verhandlungen.

The discussions led to a common basis for further negotiations.

Advanced Description

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In German, Basis is often used to describe the underlying principles or concepts that form the basis of a particular field of study or activity. For example, in mathematics, the basis of a vector space refers to a set of linearly independent vectors that can be used to represent any other vector in that space. In this context, Basis is an essential concept that underpins many mathematical theories and applications.

Similarly, in business and economics, Basis can refer to the fundamental principles on which a company or market operates. This might include factors such as supply and demand, pricing strategies, and consumer behavior. Understanding these basic principles is crucial for success in these fields, as they provide a framework for decision-making and problem-solving.

Overall, the concept of Basis is important in many different areas of life, from science and technology to politics and culture. By understanding the underlying principles that govern these fields, we can gain a deeper appreciation for how they work and make more informed decisions about how to engage with them.

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