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The German noun 'Begriff' translates to 'concept' or 'notion' in English.

Part of speech





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Meaning: concept

Der Begriff der Freiheit ist für viele Menschen wichtig.

The concept of freedom is important to many people.

Meaning: term

Kannst du mir den Begriff 'Nachhaltigkeit' erklären?

Can you explain the term 'sustainability' to me?

Meaning: idea

Ich habe eine neue Geschäftsidee im Begriff.

I have a new business idea in mind.

Meaning: notion

Er hat keine Ahnung von der grundlegenden Begriffe der Mathematik.

He has no understanding of the basic notions of mathematics.

Meaning: understanding

Das Buch vermittelt ein besseres Begriff über die Geschichte des Landes.

The book provides a better understanding of the country's history.


This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A1: Was bedeutet der Begriff 'Freundschaft'?

A1: What does the term 'friendship' mean?

A1: Ich verstehe den Begriff nicht.

A1: I don't understand the term.

A1: Kannst du mir den Begriff erklären?

A1: Can you explain the term to me?

B1: Der Begriff 'Nachhaltigkeit' wird immer wichtiger.

B1: The concept of 'sustainability' is becoming increasingly important.

B1: In diesem Buch werden verschiedene Begriffe ausführlich behandelt.

B1: This book extensively covers various concepts.

B1: Es ist schwierig, den Begriff in eine andere Sprache zu übersetzen.

B1: It is difficult to translate the term into another language.

C1: Der Begriff 'Künstliche Intelligenz' umfasst verschiedene Technologien und Anwendungen.

C1: The term 'Artificial Intelligence' encompasses various technologies and applications.

C1: In der Philosophie gibt es unterschiedliche Begriffsdefinitionen von Wahrheit.

C1: In philosophy, there are different conceptual definitions of truth.

C1: Die Diskussion drehte sich um den Begriff der Gerechtigkeit.

C1: The discussion revolved around the concept of justice.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word 'Begriff' is derived from the verb 'begreifen', which means 'to grasp' or 'to understand'. As a noun, 'Begriff' refers to an abstract idea or mental representation of something. It is often used to describe a general understanding or comprehension of a particular subject or topic.

'Begriff' can also be used in a more specific sense to denote a term or a concept within a particular field of study. For example, in philosophy, 'Begriff' is often used to refer to a fundamental concept or category that helps define and explain other concepts.

In everyday language, 'Begriff' is commonly used to express the idea of having a clear understanding or knowledge about something. It can also imply the ability to mentally grasp or comprehend complex ideas or theories.

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