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Berg is a German noun that translates to 'mountain' in English.

Part of speech





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Meaning: mountain

Der Berg ist mit Schnee bedeckt.

The mountain is covered with snow.

Meaning: hill

Wir wanderten auf den kleinen Berg.

We hiked up the small hill.

Meaning: rock

Die Kletterer klettern den steilen Berg hoch.

The climbers are climbing up the steep rock.

Meaning: pile

Es gibt einen Berg von schmutziger Wäsche in der Ecke.

There is a pile of dirty laundry in the corner.

Meaning: stack

Der Bibliothekar ordnet die Bücher in einem hohen Berg an.

The librarian arranges the books in a tall stack.


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A1: Der Berg ist hoch.

A1: The mountain is high.

A1: Wir wandern gerne in den Bergen.

A1: We enjoy hiking in the mountains.

A1: Die Kinder spielen im Sandberg.

A1: The children are playing in the sand dune.

B1: Der Berggipfel bietet eine atemberaubende Aussicht.

B1: The mountain peak offers a breathtaking view.

B1: Im Winter fahren wir Ski in den Alpen und im Sommer besteigen wir Berge.

B1: In winter, we go skiing in the Alps and in summer, we climb mountains.

B1: Er hat den Berg erklommen und sich über seine Leistung gefreut.

B1: He climbed the mountain and was happy about his achievement.

C1: Die Expedition erreichte den Gipfel des höchsten Berges der Welt.

C1: The expedition reached the summit of the highest mountain in the world.

C1: Die Kletterer wagten sich an die steilen Felswände des Bergmassivs heran.

C1: The climbers approached the steep rock walls of the mountain range.

C1: Nach einer langen Wanderung waren sie erschöpft, aber glücklich, den Berg bezwungen zu haben.

C1: After a long hike, they were exhausted but happy to have conquered the mountain.

Advanced Description

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In Germany, mountains are an important part of the landscape and culture. The highest peak in Germany is the Zugspitze, which stands at 2,962 meters tall. Many Germans enjoy hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities in the mountains.

Mountains also play a significant role in German folklore and mythology. For example, the Brocken mountain in the Harz region is said to be the site of witches' gatherings on Walpurgis Night. Additionally, many German fairy tales take place in the mountains, such as Snow White and Rose Red.

The word Berg can also be used metaphorically to refer to a difficult or challenging situation that must be overcome. For example, someone might say 'Ich habe einen Berg von Arbeit vor mir' (I have a mountain of work ahead of me) to express that they have a lot of tasks to complete.

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