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Meaning: bed

Ich liege im Bett und lese ein Buch.

I am lying in bed and reading a book.

Meaning: bet

Er hat 100 Euro auf das Spiel gewettet.

He has bet 100 euros on the game.

Meaning: cot

Das Baby schläft im Kinderbett.

The baby is sleeping in the cot.

Meaning: litter

Die Katze hat ihre Jungen ins Bett gelegt.

The cat put her kittens in the litter.

Meaning: tray

Sie brachte mir das Frühstück ans Bett.

She brought me breakfast on a tray.


This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A1: Das Bett ist bequem.

The bed is comfortable.

A1: Ich schlafe gerne in meinem Bett.

I like to sleep in my bed.

A1: Das Bett steht im Schlafzimmer.

The bed is in the bedroom.

B1: Gestern habe ich ein neues Bett gekauft.

Yesterday I bought a new bed.

B1: Mein Bett ist zu klein für mich.

My bed is too small for me.

B1: Ich werde mein Bett morgen aufräumen.

I will tidy up my bed tomorrow.

C1: Seitdem ich das neue Bett habe, schlafe ich viel besser.

Since I have the new bed, I sleep much better.

C1: Wenn ich gestresst bin, lese ich gerne im Bett.

When I am stressed, I like to read in bed.

C1: Ich hätte gerne ein Himmelbett in meinem Schlafzimmer.

I would like to have a canopy bed in my bedroom.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word 'Bett' is a German noun that translates to 'bed' in English. It refers to a piece of furniture used for sleeping or resting.

In German culture, the bed is an essential part of every household. It is typically made up of a mattress, bed frame, and bedding such as sheets, blankets, and pillows.

Beds come in various sizes, styles, and materials to suit individual preferences and needs. They can be found in bedrooms, hotels, hospitals, and other residential or commercial settings.

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