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Meaning: a small unit of information

Ein Bit kann entweder den Wert 0 oder 1 haben.

A bit can have a value of either 0 or 1.

Meaning: a small piece or fragment

Ich habe ein kleines Bit Schokolade übrig.

I have a small bit of chocolate left.

Meaning: a tool used for drilling holes

Der Bohrer hat einen Durchmesser von 5 Millimetern.

The drill bit has a diameter of 5 millimeters.


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A1: Das Bit ist die kleinste Informationseinheit in der Informatik.

A1: The bit is the smallest unit of information in computer science.

A2: Ein Byte besteht aus acht Bits.

A2: A byte consists of eight bits.

A2: Die Dateigröße wird oft in Kilobits oder Megabits angegeben.

A2: File size is often specified in kilobits or megabits.

B1: Der Computer speichert Daten in Form von Bits und Bytes.

B1: The computer stores data in the form of bits and bytes.

B2: Die Übertragungsgeschwindigkeit des Internets wird in Bits pro Sekunde gemessen.

B2: Internet transfer speed is measured in bits per second.

B2: Eine Festplatte mit einer Kapazität von einem Terabyte kann eine Billion Bits speichern.

B2: A hard drive with a capacity of one terabyte can store one trillion bits.

C1: Die Verschlüsselung verwendet komplexe Algorithmen, um die Daten in Bits zu verwandeln.

C1: Encryption uses complex algorithms to transform the data into bits.

C1: Bei der Datenkompression werden redundante Informationen entfernt, um die Dateigröße in Bits zu reduzieren.

C1: Data compression removes redundant information to reduce file size in bits.

C2: Quantencomputer nutzen die Eigenschaften von Quantenbits, um komplexe Berechnungen durchzuführen.

C2: Quantum computers utilize the properties of quantum bits to perform complex calculations.

Advanced Description

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A bit is the basic unit of information in computing and digital communications. It represents a binary digit, which can be either a 0 or a 1. The term 'bit' is derived from the words 'binary digit'.

Bits are used to store and transmit data in computers and other digital devices. They form the foundation of all digital information processing and storage systems. Multiple bits can be combined to represent more complex information, such as characters, numbers, images, and videos.

In computer programming, bits are often grouped together to form bytes, which consist of 8 bits. Bytes are commonly used to measure file sizes and memory capacities. For example, a kilobyte is equal to 1024 bytes.

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