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Meaning: sight

Der Blick auf das Meer war atemberaubend.

The sight of the sea was breathtaking.

Meaning: glance

Sie warf einen schnellen Blick auf die Uhr.

She cast a quick glance at the clock.

Meaning: view

Von hier aus hat man einen wunderbaren Blick auf die Stadt.

From here, you have a wonderful view of the city.

Meaning: look

Sein Blick verriet seine Verwirrung.

His look revealed his confusion.

Meaning: gaze

Sie saß stundenlang da und starrte mit leerem Blick in die Ferne.

She sat there for hours, staring into the distance with an empty gaze.


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A1: Ich habe einen Blick aus dem Fenster geworfen.

A1: I threw a glance out of the window.

A1: Er hat einen traurigen Blick.

A1: He has a sad look.

A1: Sie hat einen schönen Blick auf das Meer.

A1: She has a beautiful view of the sea.

B1: Der Kellner warf einen schnellen Blick auf die Bestellung.

B1: The waiter quickly glanced at the order.

B1: Er hat den Blick von der Brücke genossen.

B1: He enjoyed the view from the bridge.

B2: Die Touristen bewundern den beeindruckenden Blick vom Berggipfel.

B2: The tourists admire the impressive view from the mountain peak.

B2: Sie haben sich in den Blick ihrer Augen verloren.

B2: They got lost in the gaze of each other's eyes.

C1: Der Fotograf versucht, den perfekten Blick einzufangen.

C1: The photographer is trying to capture the perfect shot.

C1: Sein kritischer Blick ließ keinen Fehler unentdeckt.

C1: His critical eye left no mistake unnoticed.

C2: Der Künstler hat einen einzigartigen Blick auf die Welt.

C2: The artist has a unique perspective on the world.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Blick' translates to 'glance' or 'look' in English. It refers to the act of directing one's eyes towards something or someone, usually for a short period of time.

In German culture, maintaining eye contact during conversations is considered important as it signifies attentiveness and respect. The word 'Blick' can also be used metaphorically to describe someone's perspective or point of view on a particular matter.

Additionally, 'Blick' can be combined with other words to create compound nouns that describe specific types of looks or glances, such as 'Seitenblick' (sideways glance) or 'Augenblick' (momentary look).

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