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A 'Block' is a solid piece of material, usually with regular shape and dimensions.

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Meaning: block (a solid piece of material)

Der Stein ist ein harter Block.

The stone is a hard block.

Meaning: block (a group of buildings or houses)

In der Stadt gibt es einen Wohnblock.

There is a residential block in the city.

Meaning: block (an obstacle or hindrance)

Der Verkehrsstau war ein großer Block für die Autofahrer.

The traffic jam was a major blockage for the drivers.

Meaning: block (a unit of data storage)

Die Datei wurde in 4-Kilobyte-Blöcken gespeichert.

The file was stored in 4-kilobyte blocks.

Meaning: block (a section of time)

Ich habe einen ganzen Block von Terminen am Nachmittag.

I have a whole block of appointments in the afternoon.


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A1: Ich habe einen Block in meiner Tasche.

A1: I have a block in my bag.

A1: Der Junge baut einen Turm aus Blöcken.

A1: The boy is building a tower out of blocks.

A1: Kannst du mir bitte den Block geben?

A1: Can you please give me the block?

B1: Die Kinder spielen mit bunten Bausteinen und bauen verschiedene Formen.

B1: The children are playing with colorful building blocks and constructing different shapes.

B1: Nach der Arbeit legte sie die Akten auf ihren Schreibtischblock.

B1: After work, she put the files on her desk pad.

B2: Er hat den Ball mit einem kräftigen Block abgewehrt.

B2: He defended the ball with a strong block.

C1: Die Demonstranten errichteten einen Straßenblock, um den Verkehr zu stoppen.

C1: The protesters set up a roadblock to stop the traffic.

C1: Die Regierung hat beschlossen, den Geldfluss in das Land zu blockieren.

C1: The government has decided to block the flow of money into the country.

C2: Der Künstler arbeitet an einem neuen Kunstwerk und hat eine kreative Schaffensblockade.

C2: The artist is working on a new artwork and has a creative block.

Advanced Description

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In the context of construction or building, a block refers to a large rectangular or square-shaped unit made of materials such as concrete, brick, or stone. These blocks are commonly used for constructing walls, foundations, or other structural elements in buildings. They can be stacked on top of each other and secured with mortar to create a sturdy and durable structure.

In the world of printing, a block is a piece of wood or metal that contains raised letters or images. These blocks are inked and pressed onto paper to create printed text or illustrations. Blocks are often used in letterpress printing, where each individual block represents a specific character or image. This method was widely used before the advent of modern digital printing techniques.

In computer programming, a block is a section of code that is grouped together and treated as a single unit. It can contain one or more statements and is often used for organizing and structuring code. Blocks can be used to define functions, loops, conditional statements, or other program structures. They help improve code readability and maintainability by encapsulating related instructions.

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