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A board is a flat, rigid surface made of wood, plastic, or other materials, typically used for various purposes such as writing, cutting, displaying information, or playing games.

Part of speech





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Meaning: Brett

Ich habe ein Board für mein Projekt gekauft.

I bought a board for my project.

Meaning: Tafel

Der Lehrer schrieb die Aufgaben an die Tafel.

The teacher wrote the tasks on the board.

Meaning: Vorstand

Der Vorstand des Unternehmens traf sich zu einer Besprechung.

The board of directors of the company met for a meeting.

Meaning: Gremium

Das Gremium entschied über den Antrag.

The board decided on the application.

Meaning: Surfbrett

Er fuhr mit seinem Surfbrett auf die Wellen.

He rode the waves with his surfboard.


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A1: Das Board ist aus Holz.

The board is made of wood.

A1: Ich schreibe auf das Board.

I write on the board.

A1: Bitte wischen Sie das Board ab.

Please erase the board.

B1: Der Lehrer erklärt den Schülern etwas auf dem Board.

The teacher explains something to the students on the board.

B1: Die Präsentation wurde auf dem Board gezeigt.

The presentation was shown on the board.

B2: Er hat die Aufgabe auf dem Board notiert.

He wrote down the task on the board.

C1: Das Whiteboard ermöglicht interaktives Lernen im Klassenzimmer.

The whiteboard enables interactive learning in the classroom.

C1: Die Ideen wurden auf einem Brainstorming-Board gesammelt.

The ideas were collected on a brainstorming board.

C2: Das Scrum-Board hilft bei der Organisation des Projekts.

The scrum board helps with project organization.

Advanced Description

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Boards are versatile objects that can be found in many different settings. In schools and offices, whiteboards or blackboards are commonly used for writing and displaying information. Cutting boards are essential tools in kitchens for chopping vegetables and preparing food. Game boards provide the playing surface for various board games like chess or Monopoly.

In addition to their practical uses, boards can also have symbolic meanings. For example, a bulletin board in a community center may serve as a place for posting announcements and sharing information. A surfboard represents the equipment used for riding waves in water sports. Notice boards in public spaces often display important notices and advertisements.

Overall, boards are fundamental objects that serve multiple functions in our daily lives. They can be simple or elaborate, plain or decorative, but they all share the common characteristic of being flat and rigid surfaces that are used for specific purposes.

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