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Meaning: ground

Der Hund liegt auf dem Boden.

The dog is lying on the ground.

Meaning: floor

Das Spielzeugauto ist unter dem Bett auf dem Boden.

The toy car is on the floor under the bed.

Meaning: soil

Die Pflanzen wachsen gut im feuchten Boden.

The plants are growing well in the moist soil.

Meaning: bottom

Der Schlüssel ist ganz unten in meiner Tasche am Boden.

The key is at the bottom of my bag.

Meaning: earth

Die Raumsonde hat den Boden des Mars erreicht.

The spacecraft has reached the surface of Mars.


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A1: Der Boden ist grün.

The ground is green.

A1: Ich habe den Boden geputzt.

I cleaned the floor.

A1: Bitte setz dich auf den Boden.

Please sit on the floor.

B1: Die Blumen wachsen im Boden.

The flowers are growing in the soil.

B1: Der Boden war mit Schnee bedeckt.

The ground was covered with snow.

B2: Wir haben den Boden für das neue Haus vorbereitet.

We prepared the ground for the new house.

C1: Die Bauarbeiter legten den Bodenbelag sorgfältig.

The construction workers laid the flooring carefully.

C1: Der Boden des Meeres ist voller Leben.

The bottom of the sea is full of life.

C2: Das Erdbeben erschütterte den Boden heftig.

The earthquake shook the ground violently.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Boden' translates to 'floor' or 'ground' in English. It refers to the solid surface of the earth that is beneath our feet.

In a building, the Boden is the lowermost part of a room or structure that we walk on. It can be made of various materials such as wood, concrete, or tiles.

In a broader sense, Boden can also refer to the ground or soil outside, such as in gardening or agriculture. It plays a crucial role in providing support for plants and serving as a medium for their growth.

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