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Meaning: boat

Wir sind mit dem Boot über den See gefahren.

We went boating on the lake.

Meaning: boot (footwear)

Ich habe mir neue Wanderschuhe gekauft. Die neuen Boots sind sehr bequem.

I bought new hiking shoes. The new boots are very comfortable.

Meaning: trunk (of a car)

Der Kofferraum meines Autos ist zu klein. Ich brauche einen größeren Boot.

The trunk of my car is too small. I need a bigger boot.

Meaning: boot (computer startup process)

Mein Computer startet nicht richtig. Es gibt ein Problem mit dem Boot.

My computer is not starting properly. There is an issue with the boot.


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A1: Das Boot ist blau.

The boat is blue.

A1: Ich fahre mit dem Boot auf dem See.

I am going on the lake with the boat.

A1: Das Boot schwimmt im Wasser.

The boat is floating in the water.

B1: Er hat das Boot gekauft und es selbst repariert.

He bought the boat and repaired it himself.

B1: Wir werden morgen mit dem Boot zum Angeln fahren.

We will go fishing tomorrow with the boat.

B2: Sie sind gestern mit dem Boot den Fluss hinuntergefahren.

They went down the river yesterday with the boat.

C1: Nachdem er das Boot gechartert hatte, segelte er um die Welt.

After he had chartered the boat, he sailed around the world.

C1: Die Fischer haben ihre Boote für den Fang vorbereitet.

The fishermen have prepared their boats for the catch.

C2: Wenn ich genug Geld hätte, würde ich mir ein Luxusboot kaufen.

If I had enough money, I would buy myself a luxury boat.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A 'Boot' is a German noun that translates to 'boat' in English. It refers to a watercraft designed for navigation on lakes, rivers, or oceans. Boots come in various sizes and types, including sailboats, motorboats, rowboats, and canoes.

In Germany, boating is a popular recreational activity due to the country's numerous lakes and rivers. Many people own their own boots and enjoy spending time on the water during weekends and holidays. Boating clubs and marinas are also common, providing facilities and services for boat owners and enthusiasts.

Boots are not only used for leisure activities but also have practical applications such as transportation, fishing, and water sports. They can be made from different materials like wood, fiberglass, aluminum, or plastic, depending on their intended use and durability requirements.

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