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Charakter is a German noun that refers to the combination of qualities and traits that make up an individual's personality or nature.

Part of speech





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Meaning: personality

Sie hat einen starken Charakter.

She has a strong personality.

Meaning: character

Der Schauspieler verkörpert den Charakter perfekt.

The actor embodies the character perfectly.

Meaning: nature

Die Landschaft hat einen ganz besonderen Charakter.

The landscape has a very special nature.

Meaning: characteristic

Das ist eine charakteristische Eigenschaft von ihm.

That is a characteristic trait of his.

Meaning: figure

Der Künstler zeichnete eine beeindruckende Charakterfigur.

The artist drew an impressive character figure.


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A1: Er hat einen guten Charakter.

A1: He has a good character.

A2: Sie hat einen starken Charakter.

A2: She has a strong character.

A2: Mein Bruder hat einen freundlichen Charakter.

A2: My brother has a friendly character.

B1: Sein Charakter hat sich im Laufe der Zeit verändert.

B1: His character has changed over time.

B1: Der Film zeigt die Entwicklung des Hauptcharakters.

B1: The movie shows the development of the main character.

B2: Ich bewundere ihren Charakter und ihre Stärke.

B2: I admire her character and strength.

C1: Sein Charakter ist geprägt von Integrität und Aufrichtigkeit.

C1: His character is characterized by integrity and sincerity.

C1: Ihr Charakter spiegelt sich in ihrem Verhalten wider.

C1: Her character is reflected in her behavior.

C2: Die Geschichte handelt von einem Mann mit einem zwielichtigen Charakter.

C2: The story is about a man with a dubious character.

Advanced Description

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The word Charakter is derived from the Greek word 'kharaktēr', which originally referred to an engraved mark or stamp. Over time, its meaning evolved to encompass the unique set of qualities that distinguish one person from another.

In German, Charakter is often used to describe someone's moral or ethical character, as well as their temperament and disposition. It encompasses both positive and negative traits, such as honesty, courage, kindness, and stubbornness.

Understanding someone's Charakter is important in various contexts, such as personal relationships, professional settings, and literary analysis. It helps us comprehend how individuals think, feel, and behave, and allows us to make judgments about their values and actions.

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