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Meaning: lady

Die Dame trinkt einen Kaffee.

The lady is drinking a coffee.

Meaning: queen

Die Dame regiert das Land.

The queen rules the country.

Meaning: chess piece

Der Bauer wurde von der Dame geschlagen.

The pawn was captured by the queen.

Meaning: checkers piece

Die Dame kann diagonal ziehen.

The king can move diagonally.

Meaning: courtesy title for a woman

Guten Tag, verehrte Dame!

Good day, esteemed lady!


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A1: Die Dame trägt einen Hut.

The lady is wearing a hat.

A2: Die Damen gehen spazieren.

The ladies are going for a walk.

A2: Ich habe eine nette Dame kennengelernt.

I met a nice lady.

B1: Die Dame hat gestern ihren Geburtstag gefeiert.

The lady celebrated her birthday yesterday.

B2: Die Dame wird morgen zu einem wichtigen Termin gehen.

The lady will go to an important appointment tomorrow.

B2: Die Dame war schon oft in diesem Restaurant.

The lady has been to this restaurant many times before.

C1: Die Dame hätte gerne ein Glas Wasser, bitte.

The lady would like a glass of water, please.

C1: Die Dame ist seit vielen Jahren eine bekannte Schauspielerin.

The lady has been a well-known actress for many years.

C2: Die Dame hatte den Mut, ihr eigenes Unternehmen zu gründen.

The lady had the courage to start her own business.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word 'Dame' is a German noun that translates to 'lady' or 'woman' in English. It is used to refer to an adult female, typically with a sense of respect or formality.

In German culture, the term 'Dame' can also be used as a title for a woman who has been honored for her achievements or contributions to society. This usage is similar to the English term 'dame', which is often bestowed upon women who have made significant contributions in various fields such as arts, sciences, or public service.

Additionally, 'Dame' can also refer to the playing piece in the game of chess. In this context, it represents the queen and holds great power and strategic importance on the chessboard.

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