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Meaning: triangle

Das Dreieck hat drei Seiten.

The triangle has three sides.

Meaning: intersection

Die Straßen bilden ein Dreieck.

The streets form an intersection.

Meaning: triangular shape

Der Kuchen hat die Form eines Dreiecks.

The cake has the shape of a triangle.

Meaning: trifecta

Er gewann das Rennen und machte damit das Dreieck voll.

He won the race, completing the trifecta.


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A1: Das Dreieck hat drei Seiten.

A1: The triangle has three sides.

A1: Ich habe ein rotes Dreieck gemalt.

A1: I painted a red triangle.

A1: Das Dreieck ist eine geometrische Form.

A1: The triangle is a geometric shape.

B1: Die Fläche des Dreiecks beträgt 25 Quadratmeter.

B1: The area of the triangle is 25 square meters.

B1: Er hat das Dreieck sorgfältig konstruiert.

B1: He constructed the triangle carefully.

B1: Das Dreieck wird in der Mathematik oft verwendet.

B1: The triangle is often used in mathematics.

C1: Das gleichseitige Dreieck hat alle Seiten gleich lang.

C1: The equilateral triangle has all sides of equal length.

C1: In einem rechtwinkligen Dreieck ist einer der Winkel 90 Grad.

C1: In a right-angled triangle, one of the angles is 90 degrees.

C1: Das Dreieck kann durch den Satz des Pythagoras berechnet werden.

C1: The triangle can be calculated using the Pythagorean theorem.

Advanced Description

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The word "Dreieck" is a German noun that translates to "triangle" in English. It is derived from the combination of the words "drei" meaning "three" and "Eck" meaning "corner" or "angle".

In geometry, a triangle is a polygon with three sides and three angles. It is one of the basic shapes studied in mathematics and has various properties and classifications based on its angles and side lengths.

Triangles are commonly used in architecture, engineering, and design due to their stability and versatility. They can be found in structures such as bridges, pyramids, and roof trusses. Additionally, triangles play a significant role in trigonometry, which deals with the relationships between the angles and sides of triangles.

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