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Meaning: chemical element

Wasserstoff ist ein Element.

Hydrogen is an element.

Meaning: component or part

Das Rad ist ein wichtiges Element des Fahrrads.

The wheel is an important component of the bicycle.

Meaning: basic principle or fundamental idea

Freiheit ist ein zentrales Element der Demokratie.

Freedom is a central element of democracy.

Meaning: elementary particle

Ein Elektron ist ein Element der Atomstruktur.

An electron is an element of atomic structure.


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A1: Das Periodensystem enthält viele verschiedene Elemente.

A1: The periodic table contains many different elements.

A1: Wasser besteht aus den Elementen Wasserstoff und Sauerstoff.

A1: Water consists of the elements hydrogen and oxygen.

A2: Die Erde ist ein Element des Sonnensystems.

A2: Earth is an element of the solar system.

B1: Das chemische Element Kohlenstoff hat die Ordnungszahl 6.

B1: The chemical element carbon has the atomic number 6.

B1: In der Natur kommen viele verschiedene Elemente vor.

B1: Many different elements occur in nature.

B2: Die Wissenschaftler haben ein neues chemisches Element entdeckt.

B2: The scientists have discovered a new chemical element.

C1: Die Eigenschaften eines Elements können durch seine Elektronenkonfiguration bestimmt werden.

C1: The properties of an element can be determined by its electron configuration.

C1: Bei der Kernfusion verschmelzen Atomkerne zu schwereren Elementen.

C1: In nuclear fusion, atomic nuclei merge to form heavier elements.

C2: Die Entstehung der chemischen Elemente erfolgte während des Urknalls.

C2: The formation of chemical elements occurred during the Big Bang.

Advanced Description

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An element is a fundamental substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by chemical means. It consists of atoms of the same type, each with a specific number of protons in its nucleus.

Elements are the building blocks of matter and are represented by symbols on the periodic table. There are currently 118 known elements, including hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and gold.

Each element has unique properties, such as atomic number, atomic mass, and chemical reactivity. Elements can combine to form compounds through chemical reactions.

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