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Meaning: energy

Die Sonne liefert Energie für die Pflanzen.

The sun provides energy for the plants.

Meaning: power

Der Motor hat genug Energie, um das Auto anzutreiben.

The engine has enough power to drive the car.

Meaning: vitality

Nach einem langen Spaziergang fühle ich mich voller Energie.

After a long walk, I feel full of vitality.

Meaning: electricity

Ich habe vergessen, die Energie im Haus abzuschalten.

I forgot to turn off the electricity in the house.

Meaning: spirit

Sie strahlt eine positive Energie aus.

She radiates a positive spirit.


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A1: Ich habe Energie.

A1: I have energy.

A1: Die Sonne liefert Energie.

A1: The sun provides energy.

A2: Ich trinke einen Energy-Drink, um mehr Energie zu haben.

A2: I drink an energy drink to have more energy.

B1: Er hat viel Energie in das Projekt investiert.

B1: He has invested a lot of energy into the project.

B1: Die erneuerbaren Energien werden immer wichtiger.

B1: Renewable energies are becoming increasingly important.

B2: Sie wird ihre Energie auf die Prüfung konzentrieren müssen.

B2: She will have to focus her energy on the exam.

C1: Der Marathonläufer schöpft seine Energie aus einer ausgewogenen Ernährung und regelmäßigem Training.

C1: The marathon runner draws his energy from a balanced diet and regular training.

C1: Die Firma setzt auf erneuerbare Energien, um ihren ökologischen Fußabdruck zu reduzieren.

C1: The company relies on renewable energies to reduce its ecological footprint.

C2: Die Forscher arbeiten an der Entwicklung neuer Technologien zur effizienten Nutzung von Energie.

C2: The researchers are working on the development of new technologies for the efficient use of energy.

Advanced Description

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The German noun 'Energie' translates to 'energy' in English. It refers to the capacity or ability to do work, generate power, or produce heat. In physics, energy is a fundamental concept that can exist in various forms such as kinetic energy, potential energy, thermal energy, and electromagnetic energy.

In everyday usage, 'Energie' can also refer to vitality, vigor, or enthusiasm. It describes the mental or physical strength and stamina needed to perform tasks or engage in activities. It is often associated with motivation, drive, and the ability to sustain effort over time.

The term 'Energie' is widely used in scientific, technological, and environmental contexts. It plays a crucial role in fields like physics, engineering, renewable energy sources, and climate change discussions. Understanding the concept of energy is essential for comprehending how the world works and finding sustainable solutions for our future.

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