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Erde is a German noun that translates to 'earth' in English. It refers to the third planet from the sun, which is the only known planet to support life.

Part of speech





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Meaning: earth

Die Erde dreht sich um die Sonne.

The earth revolves around the sun.

Meaning: ground

Ich habe den Schlüssel auf der Erde verloren.

I lost the key on the ground.

Meaning: world

Sie ist eine berühmte Sängerin auf der ganzen Erde.

She is a famous singer all over the world.

Meaning: soil

Der Bauer pflügt das Feld, um die Erde vorzubereiten.

The farmer plows the field to prepare the soil.

Meaning: land

Das Schiff erreichte nach langer Reise endlich wieder festen Boden unter den Füßen.

After a long journey, the ship finally reached solid land again.


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A1: Die Erde ist rund.

A1: The Earth is round.

A1: Die Erde dreht sich um die Sonne.

A1: The Earth revolves around the sun.

A1: Die Erde ist der dritte Planet im Sonnensystem.

A1: Earth is the third planet in the solar system.

B1: Der Astronaut betrachtete die Erde aus dem Weltraum.

B1: The astronaut observed the Earth from space.

B1: Die Erde wird von vielen Satelliten umkreist.

B1: The Earth is orbited by many satellites.

B2: Die Erde hat eine Atmosphäre, die Leben ermöglicht.

B2: Earth has an atmosphere that allows for life.

C1: Der Klimawandel bedroht die Zukunft der Erde.

C1: Climate change threatens the future of the Earth.

C1: Die Erde hat einen Durchmesser von etwa 12.742 Kilometern.

C1: The Earth has a diameter of approximately 12,742 kilometers.

C2: Die Erde ist der einzige bekannte Planet mit flüssigem Wasser.

C2: Earth is the only known planet with liquid water.

Advanced Description

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Erde is an important concept in astronomy and geography. It is the planet we live on and is located in the inner solar system. Erde has a diameter of approximately 12,742 kilometers and a mass of 5.97 x 10^24 kilograms. It takes 365.25 days for Erde to complete one orbit around the sun, which is why we have leap years every four years.

In addition to being our home, Erde is also a complex system that supports a wide variety of life forms. The atmosphere of Erde consists mainly of nitrogen, oxygen, and trace amounts of other gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. This atmosphere protects us from harmful radiation from the sun and helps regulate the temperature on the planet.

Erde is also unique in its geological features. It has mountains, oceans, deserts, and forests, among other landscapes. These features are constantly changing due to natural processes such as erosion, plate tectonics, and volcanic activity. Humans have also had a significant impact on the surface of Erde through activities such as deforestation, mining, and pollution.

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