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Meaning: Journey

Ich mache eine Fahrt nach Berlin.

I am taking a trip to Berlin.

Meaning: Drive

Er hat eine schnelle Fahrt gemacht.

He went for a fast drive.

Meaning: Ride

Wir machen eine Fahrrad-Fahrt durch den Park.

We are going for a bike ride through the park.

Meaning: Tour

Die Stadtführung bietet eine interessante Fahrt durch die Altstadt an.

The city tour offers an interesting tour of the old town.

Meaning: Voyage

Die Kreuzfahrt war eine unvergessliche Fahrt über das Meer.

The cruise was an unforgettable voyage across the sea.


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A1: Ich mache eine Fahrt mit dem Fahrrad.

A1: I'm going for a bike ride.

A1: Wir machen eine Fahrt ins Grüne.

A1: We're going for a trip into the countryside.

A2: Er hat eine lange Fahrt vor sich.

A2: He has a long journey ahead of him.

B1: Die Fahrt mit der U-Bahn dauert etwa 20 Minuten.

B1: The subway ride takes about 20 minutes.

B1: Sie planten eine Fahrt entlang der Küste.

B1: They planned a trip along the coast.

B2: Nach der anstrengenden Fahrt waren wir erschöpft.

B2: After the exhausting journey, we were exhausted.

C1: Die Fahrt durch die Wüste war eine Herausforderung.

C1: The journey through the desert was a challenge.

C1: Er hat die längste Fahrt seines Lebens unternommen.

C1: He undertook the longest journey of his life.

C2: Die Fahrt auf den Gipfel des Berges war atemberaubend.

C2: The ascent to the summit of the mountain was breathtaking.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The noun 'Fahrt' in German refers to a journey, trip, or ride. It is derived from the verb 'fahren', which means 'to drive' or 'to travel'.

In everyday usage, 'Fahrt' can be used to describe any kind of travel, whether it's by car, train, bus, or even on foot. It can also refer to a specific route or itinerary.

Additionally, 'Fahrt' can have other meanings depending on the context. For example, it can be used to describe a boat trip or a cruise, as well as the act of driving or riding a bicycle.

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