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The German noun 'Fall' means 'case' or 'fall' in English.

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Meaning: case (legal)

Der Fall wird vor Gericht verhandelt.

The case is being heard in court.

Meaning: fall (season)

Im Herbst fallen die Blätter von den Bäumen.

In autumn, the leaves fall from the trees.

Meaning: fall (drop or descent)

Der Wasserfall stürzt in die Tiefe.

The waterfall plunges into the depths.

Meaning: event or incident

Es gab einen unglücklichen Fall gestern Abend.

There was an unfortunate incident last night.

Meaning: case (grammatical)

Der Nominativ ist der erste Fall in der deutschen Grammatik.

The nominative is the first case in German grammar.


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A1: Der Fall ist schwer.

A1: The case is difficult.

A1: Ich habe einen interessanten Fall gelöst.

A1: I solved an interesting case.

A1: In diesem Fall müssen wir vorsichtig sein.

A1: In this case, we have to be careful.

B1: Der Fall wird von der Polizei untersucht.

B1: The case is being investigated by the police.

B1: Im vergangenen Jahr hat sich der Fall dramatisch verändert.

B1: Last year, the case changed dramatically.

B1: Die Zeugen werden im Gerichtsfall aussagen.

B1: The witnesses will testify in the court case.

C1: Der Fall wurde vor Gericht verhandelt und das Urteil gefällt.

C1: The case was tried in court and a verdict was reached.

C1: Es gibt viele ungelöste Fälle in der Kriminalgeschichte.

C1: There are many unsolved cases in criminal history.

C1: Der Fall hat internationale Aufmerksamkeit erregt.

C1: The case has attracted international attention.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In German, the word 'Fall' can have multiple meanings depending on the context. One of its common translations is 'case', which refers to a particular situation or instance. For example, in legal terms, 'Fall' can refer to a court case or a legal matter. It can also be used in medical contexts to describe a specific patient's case or condition.

Another meaning of 'Fall' is 'fall' in the sense of descending or dropping down. This can refer to physical falls, such as tripping or slipping, as well as metaphorical falls, like a decline in status or reputation. In this sense, 'Fall' can be used in phrases like 'sturzgefährdet' (at risk of falling) or 'der Fall der Berliner Mauer' (the fall of the Berlin Wall).

Overall, the word 'Fall' is a versatile noun in German that can encompass various meanings related to cases and falls, both literal and figurative.

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